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I Hope Nobody Wins

A parody of "Summer Wind" with new lyrics by Steve Bryant.

"I hope nobody wins" takes aim at all the early electioneering in 2007. Steve writes, "I'm very frustrated that they are starting the Presidential "Debates" this early and that, so far, I haven't found anyone I feel is worth voting for on either side. It inspired this parody."

The candidates came blowin’ in from across the land.

Republicans and Democrats, they don’t understand.

They play the game; they’re all the same, feathered hair and toothy grins,

They really stink, I hope nobody wins.


I really hate their fake debates, they sound so squirrelly,

Since they’ve begun, it’s no damn fun, it’s too freakin’ early.

It’s just too long, an endless song, full of lies and hate and sins,

Cue the violins, I hope nobody wins.


There’s Hillary and Mitt Romney, they’re both full of crap.

And John McCain, he looks insane, or he needs a nap.

Obama’s way young, Rudy’s full of dung, and Fred Thompson is a joke.

It’s all up in smoke, I hope nobody wins

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15 August 2020