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A very special song for Iranian president Ahmadinejad on his trip to the USA.

By Steve Byrant
with apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein


Verse 1

Ahmadinejad, he hates America, that’s plain.

He says calm your fears, there are no queers,

In Iran, he really is insane.


Ahmadinejad, he lies with each and every word,

Wants a big A- Bomb, to drop on your mom,

Claims that the Holocaust never occurred.


He’s nothing but a blood sucking leech,

Who just peed on our Freedom of Speech.


Yes, he’s a turd,

He’s ugly and absurd.

He’s just like Hitler,

Except he’s not quite that cuddly,

Ahmadinejad, go away.


Verse 2

Ahmadinejad, his name sounds like a bad disease.

It could make you puke, he might have a nuke

He’s a pile of poop and worthless sleaze


Ahmadinejad, he's so damned easy to despise.

Make him eat some pork, before he leaves New York,

Put a bullet right between his eyes.


We know he’s a steaming pile of poo

Since his speech, the whole world knows it too.


He’s just obscene, maybe he’s a closet queen.

He’d be the only gay man who’s living in Tehran,

Ahmadinejad, drop dead!


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15 August 2020