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My Space Parody
lyrics by Steve Bryant © 2007

Right out of today's headlines then filtered through Steve's brain then musically rendered here for your entertainment.


I’m a pedophile,
I like to surf for a while on My Space.
Any child will do,
Moslem, Christian or Jew, on My Space.
I’m not killer like Gacey or Manson,
I hope that I don’t run into Chris Hansen.
I’m just kind of sleazy, ‘cause it’s too freakin’ easy on My Space.

There’s no fret or fuss,
‘Cause I’m anonymous, on My Space.
I don’t have to try, it’s so easy to lie, on My Space.
In real life I fish for tuna and sturgeon,
But on My Space I’m a neurosurgeon.
Not a thing is sacred,
I just want to see ‘em naked on My Space

Since no one can see me,
I swear that I’m seventeen.
I’m really 54 and I’m not very lean.
No one over 12 could ever catch my eye,
If they put me in prison, I know I’m gonna die.

No pretty face could ever make me replace, My Space.
I really flip my lid, when I’m chatting with a kid on My Space
I get online in the early morn,
You should see my collection of kiddie porn.
I’m not straight or gay,
I just want to play on My Space.

The threat of jail,
Doesn’t make me want to bail from My Space.
It can’t be beat,
When they say they want to meet on My Space.
Don’t waste your time and to hate me
It’s even illegal to castrate me.

When they start to act flirty,
I can get them talkin’ dirty on My Space.

It’s really quite a feast,
I feel like a Boston priest on My Space.

I don’t need a wife,
‘Cause I’ll scar your kid for life on My Space

I don’t even have to bid,
So you better watch your kid on My Space

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15 August 2020