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Somethin’ Sorry
New Lyrics by Steve Bryant

Dedicated to the famous and infamous who think they can get away with anything if they say they’re sorry. I hear Hitler apologized right before he ate the Luger. Yeah, that makes everything alright.

I said a stupid word, it was absurd
It started with an N and ended with R.
And if I said it on the street, they’d cut off both my feet,
And vandalize my car.

But I said it in private to my son.
Whose head is thick like rocks dug from a quarry.
He sold the tape so now I’ll act contrite and tell the press I’m really sorry.

I had too much to drink, now you would think
That I was way too drunk to drive my car.
I ran over 3 people, hit a steeple
Guess I didn’t really get that far.

My mom’s was a crack whore, I robbed a store
And then shot a cop who wandered in.
I got out of town, looked like a clown
Wearing a tee-shirt and a stupid grin.

I got caught, I never thought
I’d rather be in Africa on a safari.
They’ll strap me to a table, I’ll be able to tell everyone I’m sorry.

Don Imus, Michael Richards, Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson
Were famous and starry
It didn’t matter what they did, they bowed their head and then they said “I’m sorry."


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15 August 2020