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Parody of Eliot Spitzer
Love Client Number 9 by Steve Bryant
New Lyrics by Steve Bryant

Here's a song parody aimed at the former Federal prosecutor and now former governor of New York Eliot Spitzer.

Update - This one is getting some national airplay, good work Steve!



I took my junk down to a high priced whore

The way I had so many times before.

Then I got busted, guess I should resign

It looks like it's over for Love Client Number 9.


I was the Governor of New York State.

The kind of guy the people like to hate.

Tried to stop Payola, thought I was divine

Too bad I was only, Love Client Number 9.


I’d bend down, turn them around and take a blue pill.

Didn’t cost me a dime, ‘cause the state paid the bill.

Every fantasy in my life they’d fulfill.

I’ll get some rest and a blood test…move to Brazil.


Thought I was smart, but I was just a sap.

Caught me red-handed with a wiretap.

I was a fool, watch my career decline.

Pretty soon I might be…federal prisoner Number 9.




I’ll get some rest and a blood test…move to Brazil.


They didn’t get me in a hooker sting.

They’re gonna charge me big for structuring.

If I go to prison, they’ll give me raisin wine.

And show me what it feels like…federal prisoner Number 9.

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15 August 2020