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Lying Woman – A Parody of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”
(New lyrics by Steve Bryant)

Parody song called "Lying Woman" based on Hilary Clinton's repeated bold faced public lie about landing in a war zone under sniper fire.  Original song, Pretty Woman, new lyrics by Steve Bryant.


Lying woman, wants to be president,

Lying woman, the truth is always bent.

Lying woman, we don’t believe you, you’re just a liar.

There was never sniper fire.



Lying woman, we all know your game,

Lying woman, you lied about your name,

Lying woman, you don’t really have to try,

Your husband taught you to lie.



Lying woman, you make me scream,

You lied about your soccer team.

Lying woman, you’re so full of it.

Lying woman, tell the truth,

You been lying since your youth,

Lying woman, say something that’s true.

You not alone now, Obama lies too.

And so does John McCain, but not as much as you.


Lying woman, we’ll pass this time.

Lying woman, your word’s not worth a dime.

Lying woman, just go away today…okay,

You’re just leading us astray.

But the press wants you to stay,

Looks like we’ve been betrayed.

What can I say?

You’ll live to lie another day.

You’ll live to lie another day.

Oh, oh, lying woman.


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01 October 2020