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Still feel slighted by Barack Obama's campaign talk about bitter PA residents clinging to their guns and religion? Cheer Up, he's just a politician! This parody song based on Barack's chat with snooty Californians about us will do just that.

Hello Obama, Hello Drama
A Parody of Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah by Allan Sherman
New Lyrics by Steve Bryant

No more speeches, no more drama.
You really blew it, Barack Obama.
I admit you’re entertaining.
Until you started all this weird small town complaining.

I’m from a small town, I’m not bitter.
Have a nice wife, I don’t hit her.
Have a few guns, don’t cling to them.
So don’t put down small town people like you knew them.

I go to church, every Sunday,
Send my kids to school on Monday.
All and all, my whole life is quite tame
So I find your small town comments to be real lame.

While you might not, have affairs,
You still hung out with Bill Ayers
You say you found him to be calming.
After all it wasn’t your house he was bombing.

Just go home, Barack Obama,
Just go home, back to your mama.
Don’t keep talking right out your hat,
Most small town folks won’t fall for that.
Just go home, and promise you won’t act surprised,
When you find your campaign died.
There’s no way you can stay.
Your big mouth led your votes astray.

Even if you stay to fight,
You’ll have to deal with Reverend Wright.
You’ll need more than heavy artillery,
To have a snowballs chance in hell of beating Hiillary.

In my small town, we’re not crude.
But this election, we’re all screwed.
The people running are so shoddy,
It’s another year we’ll all vote for nobody.

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15 August 2020