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You’re a Mean One, Reverend Wright
A Parody of You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
New Lyrics by Steve Bryant


After Reverend Wright's recent performance on TV Steve got into the holiday spirit and penned this funny pardoy song based on The Grinch.



You’re a weird one, Reverend Wright,
You prove it every day.
You said you loved Obama,
Then you drove his votes away.

Reverend Wright.
You’re a big phony,
Who’s become a cliché.

You’re a wacko, Reverend Wright.
Your sermons really smell.
Your brain is full of hatred.
As you damn us all to Hell.

Reverend Wright.
Now Obama won’t touch you,
With a Gallop, Fox News or Zogby poll.

You’re a bigot, Reverend Wright.
You scare us when you smile.
Like an upset liver,
You’re inflamed and full of bile.

Reverend Wright.
Given the choice between you and Al Sharpton…
I’d blow my freaking brains out.

You’re a bad man, Reverend Wright.
You led your flock astray.
You told them that America,
Was like the KKK.

Reverend Wright,
The three words that should best describe you are:
Just go away!

You’re a campaigner, Reverend Wright.
You stopped Obama cold.
He can never get elected,
After all the lies you told.

Reverend Wright.
Many of us wonder if you’re just a big mouthed loser who’s trying to get on the Today Show or did you sell out to the Clinton Campaign for 30 pieces of gold.

You make us vomit, Reverend Wright.
You just exaggerate.
You said America invented aids,
To use on folks we hate.

Reverend Wright.
You also said Louis Farrakhan represents one of the greatest voices of the 20th and 21st century. Hope someone finally sets you straight.

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15 August 2020