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Parody of the possibility of John Hinckley being released from jail.

John Hinckley attempted to assasinate President Ronald Reagen on March 30, 1981. He fired six shots from his 22. The first bullet tore through the brain of press secretary James Brady. The second his policeman Thomas Delahanty in the back. The third overshot the President and hit a building. The fourth shot hit secret service agent Timothy McCarthy in the chest. The fifth shot hit the bullet-proof glass of the President's limousine.

The sixth and final bullet nearly killed the President. As aides rushed to push Reagan into his car, the bullet ricocheted off the car, then hit the President in the chest, grazed a rib and lodged in his lung, just inches from his heart. At first it was assumed that the bullet missed the President, and the limousine headed for the White House. Within seconds, however, the President began coughing up blood and the limousine changed course and sped for George Washington University Hospital, where the President underwent two hours of life-saving surgery.

At his trial in 1982 he was found not guilty for reasons of insanity. The verdict was an outrage to the country. The legal issues continued for years.
Originally posted in 2003.

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