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10,000 Games (based on 16 Tons by Merle Travis)
Song, Notes and Lyrics by Steve Bryant
A recent study showed that if the Phillies continue their current performance (or lack thereof), they will wind up losing 10,000 games within the next year or two. That’s thousands more than any other Major League team. At least we’ll win that race. Never thought I’d miss the strike.


They rub baseballs in New Jersey mud,
The way you’re playing, they should rub your in crud.
You’re playing like Little League out on the lawn,
Your batting is weak and your pitching is gone.

You lose 10,000 games and what do you get?
A payroll bigger than the national debt.
We bought you a stadium, we thought you were hot.
Would have done better with a parking lot.

You were born way back in 1883,
Lost your first game, you were as bad as could be.
Your first pitcher Coleman lost 48 games,
Well bless my soul, some things just never change.

Fast forward to the 70’s, in your brand new home,
Fans were getting anxious, we were starting to foam.
Won the series back in 80; we stopped calling you names,
But we didn’t know Rose was betting on your games.

Today you overcharge for most everything,
Five dollars for a beer will make your register sing,
You’re charging for autographs, gouging your fans,
But winning lots of ballgames is not in your plans.

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15 August 2020