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ny post cover  I feel like it's 1938 all over again.  The so called Iraq study group has come out with their recommendations and it's eerily similar to the appeasement mentality with regard to Hitler.  If we just talk to them and negotiate things will get better.

The fanatical leaders of Iran now, just like Hitler and Germany then, make no bones about their goal - the destruction of our way of life and the extermination of the Jews.  How can we possibly think this is going to work?  I've never seen such a group of self important people as this Iraq Study Group.  By now you've heard their new nickname, The Iraq Surrender Group.  I think it fits.

So the fix is in, by design (with support of Bush), or by agenda (hello democrats and the fall elections), or both the war in Iraq is over.  Bring the troops home now.  If we aren't going to support the mission then I want to see a wholesale and speedy evacuation of every last American and hand the country over to the Iraqis and the terrorists.  With support of Iran and Syria it shouldn't take long for them to win.

Then when we are attacked again, and we will be attacked again, who will dare say we should fight back?  The terrorists seem to have won this round.  I wonder how long the new gutless appeasement policy will hold up?  What will it take to wake up Americans?  A nuke going off in downtown New York city?  If that happens go give Jim Baker and his crew of experienced has-beens a call.

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This clip of Willie from the Simpsons comes to mind.