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dave robertsDave Robert's Mr. Nice Guy Award

A native of Buffalo New York Dave has been in Philly since joining AM/Philadelphia in 1978.  You all know him as the lead weather person on Channel 6 but he's been working in broadcasting for over 50 years.  He got his radio start at  WAER-FM, and WOLF-AM in Syracuse, New York.  He started in television in 1956 at WBUF-TV in Buffalo, New York.  He continued broadcasting when he joined the Army in 1958 then returned to TV in 1961 back in Buffalo at WKBW-TV.

Dave has been in a number of movies and TV shows and works tirelessly for many charitable causes including the Children's' Hospital of Philadelphia.  This is where the award comes in.
My niece is currently at CHOP getting a bone marrow transplant.  It's been a long tough road for her with many complications and setbacks but right now she's doing much better.  The how and why of Dave visiting is a long story, suffice to say a call was put in and Dave happily made the trip.  For this the family is grateful.

Personally I like Dave as a weatherman.  He's managed to work in one market at one station for a long time without making a total fool of himself like *certain* weather "personalities" have done in the past.  He's like a nice pair of comfy slippers.  He doesn't suck.  That might sound like a backhanded compliment but in a market that thrives on weather terror and false "Storm Of The Century" predictions it is high praise indeed.

Thanks Dave for being such a nice guy.