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My brief Super Bowl wrap-up.

Somebody is now doing soundwork for CBS at the north pole after the sound kept breaking up at the beginning. On field interviews were ruined.

All the HD TVs that were marketed just for the big game must have gotten some purty images of all that rain. For the first time Comcast had an excuse for delivering a sucky picture. At our house we couldn't tell if it was the rain or the suck-service again, it wasn't our old TV because changing the channel delievered a better picture.

Prop bets - For laughs we made a list at my house. It was the wife and youngest against me and the oldest. They won on Billy Joel singing the national anthem under 1:44 (1:31 was the time) but we bounced back on the coin toss winning three in a row - heads, Bears win, Bears receive. The first play was amazing and set the tone for a good game. The rain made it even better in my opinion. We didn't have a favorite but were happy to see the Colts win.

Ads ...


Bud Light - Rock, Paper, Scissors - Guy actually throws a real rock and wins the last bottle. Great.
Doritos - Bold, Spicy, Smooth - The one with the guy driving and the girl walking. Very very funny. This was an amateur ad that won an on-line contest.

Blockbuster - Rabbits and mouse - Hysterical. At this point after the first two I was in tears. Three great spots in a row.

Fedex - Moon and Comet - Base on the moon where the Fedex ship comes and one guy gets slapped on the back so he drifts off then BLAM ZAP the comet hits him. Pretty good.

But Light - No Speak English - Mencina teaches English class. A real sign of the times and decently funny.

Letterman and Opra watching the game on the couch - funny.

Bud Light - Slap replaces knuckle bump - Very clever and funny.
Bud Light - Hitch-hicker with ax.
Cute ads ...

Bud - Muddy Dog, stray dog admires the Dalmatian on the fire truck the joins him after being splashed by a passing car. Cute

Chevy robot - Drops screw and has a nightmare of being thrown out and rejected. Cute

Dumb ads ...

Snickers - Mechanics "almost" kiss. The ripping out of the chest hair to prove manhood afterwards nearly redeems this but the opening is so stupid it fails.

Garman - Ultraman - Please don't ever show this again. The fact that Garmin blew money for this ad is reason enough to buy a Tom Tom instead ... and I actually OWN a Garmin. Great unit, suck ad.

Halftime show ...

Prince did a good job. I'm not a fan by any means but he covered some good songs and didn't get all stupid on us. The marching band stepping around was silly (when are the producers going to realize we just want the show and don't care much about the peripheral eye candy?) and his one guitar in the shape of his symbol was ridiculous.

The game ...

Oh yeah there was a game too and it was really good. A four hour game was a little long for me but I wish they were this good every year.
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