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Slugfest in a septic tank

Think about it. Nearly everyone involved in the Imus affair was some sort of bigot, lawyer, advertising exec, radio exec, race hustler, and on and on. With the exception of the actual target (the girls) none of these people really care about us nor should we care about them.

Our friend Steve Bryant sent this to me.


He "gets it" ... "Everyone involved was a bigot." Right you are Steve. I just take it one step further...

From the top down you have a roster of the most shallow weasely sort of people known to mankind. Tied for top honors we have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Both known race baiters who derive their power and influence from peddling victimization. The title of the above parody takes the term "Hymie Town" directly from Jesse Jackson's reference to the city of New York and it's population of Jews.

Next up we have the radio and tv execs who have the backbone of a worm. I didn't expect them to cave so quickly although the outcome wasn't a shock. They made tons of money off of Imus over the years then pretended to be surprised at the content of his show. Particularly hypocritical was how MSNBC fired him then used footage of his radiothon on their cable show in Imus' former time slot. Then they spent days and days beating the dead horse.

Imus was almost a spectator to all this. He's been mentally out of it for a long time. It's almost a Weekend at Bernie's deal with Imus propped up in a chair and the real show run by sidekick Bernard and McCord. If you listen again to the audio you hear his staff uttering even more insulting crap that Imus.

I heard something interesting on the Mike Savage show. He theorizes that it was Hilary and her people that were after Imus all along. From the Soros funded website, media matters, to Sharpton and Jackson, it could have been an orchestrated lynching so as to get rid of one extreme critic before the election.