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Here's a post from the forum you need to read before voting tomorrow.


Act I
Choices on election day:
    1- Vote to increase your earned income tax. or
  2- Vote to leave in place the earned income tax, and add an additional tax on your other assets, i.e. CD interest, stock and mutual fund income, income from rental property. or
    3- Vote no and leave the current system in place.
This plan for tax relief as it relates to gambling proceeds is a fraud.
This is just a tax shift not relief as Gov. Rendell had promised. He never mentioned increasing our taxes while he ran for office as a way to achieve property tax reduction, never.
We should all get real estate tax rebates from the gambling proceeds, period. Or the gambling proceeds should go directly to our school districts so they can in turn reduce our taxes.
The only good thing about this plan would be the limits on school spending. We should all demand this whether or not we see any reductions in real estate taxes.
However, everything else as it pertains to Act I stinks. Vote NO!
John DiPrimio