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If you remember Barry Bonds from the early days or even 10+ years ago you wonder where the heck he got that pumpkin to stick on top of his shoulders. I dunno. For legal reasons I won't even hazard a guess. What I do know is that this so called "record" will be forever tainted now.
Barry Bonds home run record
Some people in talk radio and the media say, "What's the big deal? It's entertainment. They are paid to entertain us just like movie stars and you don't stop going to the movies because some actor has a drinking problem." Half sense from halfwits. Sports SHOULD mean more. We have our kids play sports for a reason and we hold athletes to higher standards than some pathetic drunken movie star. Now all of a sudden we have to drop the standards just because a record is being broken?
To those that don't think this is a big deal I pose this ... suppose your kids are playing some sport but the opponent is using performance enhancing drugs? Your kids doesn't and loses over and over again. But heck according to YOUR logic it's no big deal right? It's entertainment.
My buddies and I grew up during the glory days of baseball in Philly when the only performance enhancing substance was the motivation of the athletes to score with that hot ball girl on the left field line. And maybe some beer. The players weren't being paid super millions and they gave us several years of memorable effort culminating in a world series win. As kids we looked up to them and we learned many life lessons from sports.

Today we have players and trainers in jail over illegal substances while one guy who looks like he's as blown up as a balloon in a Macy's day parade break a sacred record. Yes sacred, at least in this fan's heart.