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Edit: Update - Today it's reported that Walmart tested dog treats from China that had pesticide residues and a factory in Bejing sold used chopsticks as new without disinfecting them.

Concerns over Chinese food importsĀ 

By John DiPrimio
Citizens for Common Sense

I have, in the past, spoken about the dangerous imports from China on. Now it has become a major topic on the cable news networks and other talk radio shows. Given this, the Government has done little to deal with this problem. We, you and I, need to take control of this situation to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

On a recent visit to a market to buy Apple Juice I noticed that the ingredient list mentioned that it was made from consentrate from China. Go figure. I have since learned that 50% of our apple juice is imported from China. Scary, right? Well it get better. Food imported from China consist of Garlic, Pine huts, Instant Coffee, dries Berries in breakfast cerials, sausage casings, Ginger, Honey, and the list goes on. We have identified problems with the wheat gluttin, seaffood, toothpaste, so far, what problems lie ahead?

We need your help in identifying all food products imported from China so we can protect ourselves, because our government will not. I repeat, our Government will not! When you go to the market to buy food check lables and let us know product you can identify as coming from China. Agricultural imports to the US from China reached $2.26 billion last year.

Send us your list so we can publish it in the CCS newsletter. Insist on MADE IN lables on all food products. The game many manufacturers use is to place a made EXCLUSIVELY FOR and Distributed by, company name with a US address. Not good enough!

John DiPrimio
Citizens for Common Sense