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It might surprise you to learn that I have liberal friends. I've even voted for some of them in local elections. I love them even though they are woefully misguided. This is an explanation to them as to why I can't bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential race in 2008, or any year or office for that matter. I don't expect my liberal friends to understand or agree but that just makes my point that they are misguided. I won't go into all the MANY reasons Hilary shouldn't be president that others have brought up over the past oh ... 15 years from Travelgate to the health care debacle. I'll focus on what's personal to me, more or less recent (save a couple points) and how another Clinton presidency would be catastrophic for my family and business.
partial list to date
Reasons why I can't vote for Hillary Clinton
  1. There has been a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot since 1979 and then in the White House since January 1981. It's time for a change. Hillary supports change and I agree with her. Both families should go away already. Pack up, leave, and shut up after you're gone. Jimmy Carter proved that mouthing off after you leave makes you look very stupid.
  2. What has Hillary done/accomplished? Her track record as a U.S. senator is unremarkable and her main responsibility while Bill was governor was the education department where she brought her state from #42 to #49, some say #50 but I'm kind and won't go that far. "FAIL" is what the kids today use to describe somebody as lackluster as Hillary.
  3. She already had her 8 years as "co-president". Remember how the Clinton's were promoted the first time around? It was "a two for one" deal. Right out of the gate she assumed broad control over many issues. She had her shot. Electing her president would effectively make an end run around the 22 amendment that limits the president to two terms. It should apply to "co-presidents" as well.
  4. This quote: "I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president" -- Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpoenaed documents. See reason #3
  5. Hillary would let the tax cuts passed under president Bush expire. That means a large tax increase for me, for my family, for my business, and for my employees. Why in the world would I vote for that when it's a proven fact that reasonably LOW taxes INCREASE federal revenue? In other words the tax cuts brought in MORE money while raising the taxes would not increase revenue by the anticipated amount. In the meantime Congress would increase spending.
  6. FORGAINST - learn the word. Hilary is FORGAINST drivers licenses for ILLEGAL aliens. As we watched in the debate here in Philly Hilary was both FOR and AGAINST what Gov. Spitzer in New York wants to do.
  7. Death Penalty for tough questions? The day after Tim Russert asked the now famous question (see #6) a member of Hilary's staff suggested that Russert be shot for asking it. Oh that's nice. Too bad she doesn't support the death penalty for convicted cop killers.
to be continued