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We've just witnessed a selection event that in some ways eclipses the selection of a new Pope. Instead of waiting to see the color of the smoke rising above the Vatican it was text messaging that alerted the eager press and supporters that yes The Chosen One has selected Joe Biden as his running mate. Let the bells ring and the doves fly for joyous is the news that the tiny state of Delaware is now front and center ... a state know for low taxes. *GRIN*

Ok first congratulations to Delaware Senator Joe Biden for being selected as Obama's running mate. I'm sure he's a nice guy when you get to know him, a good father and loving husband.

As vice president and booster of Obama's weak credentials ... No Way.

Am I the only one that remembers Joe Biden's goofy quotes, lies about his resume and college stats, and blatant lifting of quotes and course material without accreditation?

Just one quick dumb quote among many

{YouTubeVideo id=OIT3jUrNTX0}

Lies ...

When he was asked about his college stats he always boasted about being in the top half of the class, had a full scholarship and three degrees. In reality his grades were largely Cs and Ds, he ranked near the bottom of his class and he had only one degree.

Plagiarism ...

His famous speech about why he was the only one of his family to attend college was in fact by British politician Neil Kinnock. (To be fair I've read about how on some days he gave credit to Kinnock ... but on others he omitted credit.)

While looking some of this up to double check the spelling of Kinnock I also found that Biden received an F in one course because large segments of his course work in a paper he wrote were unattributed.

But Obama might actually like all this since he's no stranger to taking good quotes used by others and passing them off as his own. Remember the "This is our moment. This is our time." quote? It's not his but rather Bono's (the singer from U2).

Now for some material off the net WITH attribution

From Haloscan
1] he thinks Darfur is about arable land.
2] he thinks the oceans will rise three feet during his term.
3] he thinks ocean rise will lead to 35 million asian refugees spilling over our borders - (bet he didn't vote to strengthen those borders - any wager you care to raise, I'll cover it)
4] he's against coal power
5] he's against nuclear power
6] he's against building refineries in his home state (another GD nimby - btw he is in favor of coal and nuclear power in the peoples republic of China, which is nimbism writ large on the international scale coupled with favoring socialist totalitarism over his own country0
7] he loves ethanol corn based or otherwise - especially when campaigning in Iowa
8] he was against drilling in the North Slope, and Prudhoe Bay and he is proud of that position.
9] he's in favor of florescent light bulbs - in fact it's the only practical position he takes - it appears a Biden America would achieve energy independance by using twisty bulbs and "a lot of little things to make a gigantic change"

Here's some words Biden would rather forget From
That's all for now. The coronation is this afternoon.