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Yes the election is over and now the real work begins.

If your guy won then be prepared to insist on promises kept including a balanced budget, tax cuts, benefit increases, border security and the land of milk and honey abroad.  Restore our liberties, security and privacy.  Don't settle for anything less.

If your guy lost (and mine wasn't even in this) then stand on your core principles and don't give up.  Life goes on.

For myself ... I still had to get up for work, run my business, be a husband and father, pay my bills (and *shudder* taxes) ... life goes on.  There are a number of legal things I can do to avoid most of what could be a real mess.

Politically I see no reason to adjust my own principles.  On the most basic points I've yet to be challenged on any of them.  Some things like reasonably lower taxes bringing in more federal revenue is as absolute as the sun rising in the east but as Obama said he would raise such taxes even in the face of lower revenue in the name of fairness.  I stand on fact and proven economic principle ... the other side stands on fairness and feelings despite it being a failed policy of the past.  For that reason I  worry and pray for our country.

In retrospect I still think McCain should have won in 2000.  George Bush who won against two of the biggest world class losers in human history turned out to be almost unrecognizable politically among those that supported him.  Bush wasn't even remotely conservative, in the fiscal or national sense, and he spent way to much time reaching across the aisle only to have it thrown in his face the instant things got tough.  Can you say "No child left behind"?  Sure you can.  That law was written with the approval of Ted Kennedy's staff and widely supported by democrats but the instant there was trouble they all dumped it on Bush.  And he never responded.  He just took it and never articulated what needed to be said.  Hey, who am I kidding here, he could barely articulate his name.  Still I give him credit for keeping us safe, let's see how much longer that goes on now.

This year McCain only got his base behind him by adding Palin and then squandered that by muzzling her and having his boneheaded "handlers" completely mishandle her.

The "mainstream" media is a story all unto itself.  They no longer can pretend to be remotely credible but ultimately they got what they wanted.  They and all the leftists along with the rest of the voters will quickly find out that having is not nearly as fun as wanting.