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610 WIP this morning is very therapudic.  Some of the comments and calls were very funny, even healing after last night's disaster.  Thanks morning team.

But I found this ... has anybody else caught this yet?

This is running TODAY Monday November 2nd, 2009 the day after losing to the Yankees and going down 3-1 in the series

Somehow Macy's is running a near full page ad in today's paper promoting shirts for the Phillies being back to back world series champs.

Take a look at the back page of the Inky's section one. Who is to blame here? Macy's OR the Inky?  Somebody should be sent to Gitmo for this one.

This is as big as, even bigger than, DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN ... can anybody at Macy's spell JINX?

"The Magic of Macy's"  Yeah back to back will take a freaking Wizard now.

Click for a MUCH larger image.