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I added a new link - Activist Cash - to the list of clickworthy sites.  They appear to be a right of center group countering some high powered left of center front groups.  I came across them researching something quoted on sourcewatch, which itself is a left leaning front group.  The average person can get dizzy trying to figure out who is who and what is bias or real news.

They describe themselves this way ..., a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, provides the public and media with in-depth profiles of anti-consumer activist groups, along with information about the sources of their exorbitant funding.

Despite their innocent-sounding names, many of these organizations are financial Goliaths that use junk science, intimidation tactics, and even threats of violence to push their radical agendas. We've analyzed over 500,000 pages of IRS records to bring you a comprehensive snapshot of where their money comes from, tracking more than $800 million to date.

We also offer valuable information about hundreds of deep-pocketed foundations, activist celebrities, and other key players in the movement to control what you eat and drink.