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Another snowstorm for Philly OMGWTFLOL

Ok more snow and the Media has something to do today with all the reporters out on the roads telling us to stay off the roads. Tip of the hat to Steve Bryant for calling this storm 2 days before The Weather Channel.

Speaking of The Weather Channel (TWC)
So Direct TV dropped The Weather Channel in a fued over rates I guess. Given TWC's policy of naming winter cold fronts I'd say the viewers aren't missing much. I mean I get up to see the forecast early in the morning and TWC is running some stupid show on freak people with this guy called Magnet Man. He's clearly faking things stuck to his body with slabs of things "stuck" to his chest. I guess the host never heard of Friction? You're the WEATHER CHANNEL and it's GOING TO SNOW ... A LOT! How about you know, actually airing some, I dunno... WEATHER?

Philly snowstorm jan 21 2014