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By now you've all heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where one pours a bucket of ice water over your head then challenge others to do so in the hopes of raising money for ALS. Some people are, in my opinion, bending the rules just a tad by using smallish buckets, no ice, all ice, etc. If your underwear isn't wet you're doing it wrong. None of this, "Oh that cup of ice on my shoulder is soooo cold!" stuff.

Some are doing it with style and laughs as witnessed here by Katie Fehlinger doing it on CBS in Philly.


Nice work Katie Fehlinger and Jim Melwert. Good thing there was a railing there.
(Jim challenged Derek Fitzgerald, son of Dr. Fitz, my kids epic music/marching band instructor)

To those afraid to get wet and bending the rules a bit. Jack and Rose took the challenge over 100 years ago better than you did.

Jack and Rose ALS ice bucket challenge on Titanic