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 It's A Beautiful Day in Guantanamo!
Based on the Theme to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
New Lyrics by Steve Bryant

A Beautiful Day in Guantanamo
Based on the Theme to Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
New Lyrics by Steve Bryant

Hello boys and girls. Welcome to Mr. Mustafa’s Neighborhood. Can you say Death to America? Sure you can. You know President Obama is closing the Guantanamo Detention Center, or, as we call it, Allah’s waiting room..

All the terrorists…uh, I mean political prisoners will be sent to other prisons. Most of us are hoping for Palm Springs or maybe even New York City, where it will be easy for us to blend in. Maybe we could move next door to Nancy Pelosi.

Wherever we go, we want to be good neighbors. And we want to kill you.

It’s a beautiful day for a terrorist, a beautiful day for some terror, may I kill you? May I kill you?

It’s a wonderful day as I sharpen my sabre. I want a chance to kill my new neighbor. I kill you. I want to kill you.

Don’t you want a neighbor who has a couple of pretty goats? Wouldn’t you want a neighbor who will come and slit your throats?

So let’s make the most of a bad situation. Once they close Guantanamo, well overrun your nation.

Can I be your, tell me you’re sure. May I be your neighbor?

Won’t you please get on your knees…infidel…come meet you brand new neighbor.

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