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Bin Laden Dead

'Nuff Said.

Rest in PIECES at the bottom of the Indian Ocean

you murderous bastard.

I'm joined by literally millions of peace loving people celebrating the death of Bin Laden.  I'm also sad that there are many that will mourn his passing at the hands of U.S. special forces.  I pity those poor souls.

I note with pleasure that the last thing Bin Laden saw was the muzzle of a gun held by a U.S. soldier fire a round directly at his skull.

On a personal note there were two reasons I kept this domain around as it is.  First was being for local talk radio (check & done) and second was 9/11.  Most likely we will never be free of terrorism but I'll be changing things and do something different here over the course of the rest of 2011.  This really is liberating on so many levels.