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The new Dennis Miller Show will be cleared by Westwood One Radio in Philadelphia on WNTP 990-AM. Miller replaces Mike Savage and will run in the 9pm to midnight slot. Savage is also carried on WILM in Wilmington Delaware from 7 to 10 pm.

The show starts on March 26th.

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Press release and new station lineup follow ...


EDIT:  Updated March 22, 2007

WNTP lists their weekday schedule as follows ...

Bill Bennett’s Morning in America 6 - 9 a.m.

·         The Laura Ingraham Show – 9 – Noon

·         The Dennis Prager Show – Noon – 3 p.m.

·         The Michael Medved Show – 3 – 6 p.m.

·         The Hugh Hewitt Show – 6 – 9 p.m.

·         The Dennis Miller Show – 9 p.m. - Midnight

They say Savage is moving to the midnight to 3am shift bumping Mike Gallagher but they don't list any of that on their website yet.  Gallagher must be fuming at the news since he took this market clearance very seriously but frankly his outrage of the hour format is tiresome.



-- Featured guests taking part in debut broadcast include Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
and Saturday Night Live Alum Dana Carvey –
- The Dennis Miller Show will broadcast live from New York City the week of March 26th

New York, NY – March 20, 2007 – Westwood One (NYSE: WON) is pleased to announce that upon its March 26th debut, The Dennis Miller Show will air on more than 80 stations, in seven of the top 10 markets including: KRLA-AM Los Angeles, WIND-AM Chicago, WNTP-AM Philadelphia, KNEW-AM San Francisco, KSKY-AM Dallas, WDTK-AM Detroit and KTRH-AM Houston. The show will broadcast live from New York City the week of March 26, 2007 when Miller will welcome special inaugural guests 2008 Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani and comedian Dana Carvey, among others.

“Next week marks the debut of not only The Dennis Miller Show, but a new wave of talk radio,” said Bart Tessler, SVP of Programming at Westwood One. “Dennis' passion for the issues, brilliant comedy and ability to entertain beyond traditional talk will reward both affiliates and advertisers from day one."

Joe Davis, COO of Salem Communications (NASDAQ:SALM), which will air The Dennis Miller Show in nine of its markets, commented, “Dennis Miller is a self-proclaimed 9-11 conservative with an engaging style and a quick wit that our listeners will appreciate. He is an entertainer, he is smart, and he understands politics and current affairs. He fits well with our other talk personalities, and he will bring a fresh perspective and new vigor to news talk on Salem stations.”

“The management team at Salem understands the awesome potential of The Dennis Miller Show and is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the program in their markets as a result of their vision for the show,” said Dennis Green, Westwood One Executive VP Affiliate Sales.

In his first ever radio show, five-time Emmy award winner and four-time Writers’ Guild award winner, Dennis Miller will offer his unique take on the day’s topics with comedy and satire. The daily 3-hour talk show will also feature Miller taking listener calls, as well as interviewing high-profile special guests. Westwood One will hold all broadcast and digital rights to the The Dennis Miller Show including Dennis Miller’s official website.

After six seasons as the Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live, Dennis Miller has become a household name through an eclectic mix of television, cable, film and sports broadcasting platforms. The Santa Barbara resident, who had a nine year run on the HBO live talk show “Dennis Miller Live”, has also written and starred in six solo one-hour HBO comedy specials. He was the host and executive producer of CNBC’s “Dennis Miller”, a topical interview talk show, has starred in various feature films, written a series of bestselling 'Rant' books, and provided color commentary
for ABC's “Monday Night Football.” In addition to hosting The Dennis Miller Show, he will continue to tour, perform at corporate dates and create and star in new TV/comedy specials.

In addition to The Dennis Miller Show broadcast, Westwood One will also re-launch Dennis Miller’s official website as a fully interactive digital space offering a host of digital features to support the show, including: premium services, live streams; hands on fan interaction through listener blogs; exclusive audio content and podcasts to download; and more.

The website will launch simultaneously with the radio show on March 26 th and will present advertisers and affiliates with increased opportunity over multiple platforms.