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Talk Radio

New Talk Station in Philly?

Word has it that Sunny 104.5-FM will flip some of its' programming to talk ... with a female focus ... starting on or around July 31st.

Clear Channel, who runs Sunny, will air Whoopi Goldberg in the AM drive slot with Dr. Laura on sometime during the day.  CC also airs Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and George Norry on WPHT 1210-AM.  I said last fall/winter that two or more of those shows might be flipped to an FM talker but as of right now they are not included.

Rollye James who had her show cut down to weekend reruns should be part of the deal.  Rollye is now on XM-165 (10pm to 1am with replays on XM152 early am) and has this cryptic message on her website. "... if you're a former Philly listener who won't stay up to hear me 'in the middle of the damn night's on the weekend, come back to this site later this month. I'll have an announcement you're guaranteed to like."

The balance of the programming would be music.  I sure hope they keep "The Sunlight Lounge" with Laura Tortella on Sunday mornings.  It's a nice addition/alternative to Sunday's with Sinatra on 1210 or Elvis on 98.1-FM.

Update:  July 18

Laura Nachman for the Bucks County Courier Times reports ...

Though Whoopi Goldberg’s show is scheduled to begin on Clear Channel stations across the country on July 31, according to Clear Channel regional VP of programming, Brian Check, Goldberg won’t be on Sunny 104.5-FM.  In an email, he wrote that John Tesh will remain in the morning (5 a.m. – 8 a.m.) and the music will stay the same.

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