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Talk Radio

4:50 PM

CBS radio announces that Don Imus has been fired effectively immediatly and permanently.

One day into a two-day radiothon to raise money for kids with cancer Imus is taken off the air. - it was supposed to also be a TV-thon on msnbc ::)

Imus met today with CBS execs in a meeting that reportedly "went well." Not so well for Imus. For the first time in 30 years Imus is without a radio job. It's been said that he won't be on the air tomorrow.

MSNBC raised hypocrisy to new heights this morning by using footage of the fundraiser (still held in it's own studios) on the air ... so they fire a guy to get him OFF the air but still use him for new footage ON the air.

Love him or hate him (and most hate him) this is a shocking example of liberals eating their own in the name of political correctness.

Imus was carried on 61 stations by the Westwood One network.

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