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2000 - January thru June

Tuesday June 27th

What again?

Phil Valentine won, for a second year, the NewYork Festivals International Radio Competition award for Best Talk Show Host.  (On-Air Talent, Best Talk Show Host sub category) Category Link & Winner info (both links have about the same info) NYFest Web Site

Monday June 26th

Jim Templeton's Philly Radio Report has a story on Arbitron's new way of collecting data.  Excerpt -
...Arbitron announced earlier this month that it will begin testing its Portable People Meter in the Philly metro area during the fourth quarter of this year. Phase one of the field test will take place in Wilmington, Del., which is embedded within our fifth-largest radio market... The Portable People Meter (PPM) is a pager-sized device that survey participants will wear throughout the day... In simple terms, the PPM will work by picking up inaudible codes that radio, television and cable providers will insert in the audio portion of their programming. The survey participants will take the two-and-a-half-ounce device from its base station in the morning, carry or wear it throughout the day, and then place it back in the base station at night so that day's information can be sent to Arbitron. The base station also recharges the PPM for use the next day.
For a much better explanation read the full story
Jim also covers how well Barsky in the Morning (WMMR) is doing and who psychic Valerie Morrison picked as the survivor winner on Irv Homer's show.  We will revisit this after it's over so we can check this against her track record.

Sunday June 25th

Audio comments


WIP's Morning Team comments on 6/23 about the Flyers attempt to muzzle the station.  (Real Audio G2 - 11:34)  Sent in by a listener.


Flyers GM, Bobby Clarke, in a real Captain Queeg moment.  (Real Audio G2 - Philly Talk Radio Club)  The comment "they won't talk with you because your such an asshole..." is golden.  From WIP's morning show.


Dennis Miller's comments on football from WIP, part of a clip aired during the John Ziegler Show, sent in by a listener.  Hosted by The Philly Talk Radio Club.  Go to the page, click the link, formatted in Real Audio G2.  Full wav file available on request.  Short comment from Ziegler left in at the end.

Friday June 23rd

WIP vs. Flyers Controversy

From Today's Inky
Hemmed in by Flyers, some WIP hosts fume 
The station agreed to prohibit "personal attacks" on the team. One host was suspended last week.

Some WIP hosts, who pride themselves on their outspoken comments in the free-flowing talk format, say the clause represents an attempt by the station - owned by Infinity Broadcasting, a CBS subsidiary - to muzzle them and is part of a broader effort by the Flyers to obtain favorable coverage.

"I am offended that the Flyers feel they can set the rules on how WIP does talk radio," said Angelo Cataldi, a host of the station's morning show. "I am not about to allow them to dictate how their rules apply to me."

Wednesday June 21st

You A$$H()LE,

Yes live talk radio can be informative AND fun.  During what was just another routine cell phone call to the Michael Smerconish Show today the caller apparently cut off another driver, the caller paused and lost track of his train off thought, apologizing.  Then clear as a bell you can hear the other offended driver, a female, shout out YOU A$$HOLE!!!  Beautiful.  WPHT PD Tom Bigby was on a few minutes later with some general comments on talk radio.

Monday June 18th

Imus in the Morning (WPHT 1210AM) is hospitalized after being thrown from his horse yesterday.  He is listed in stable condition with a broken collar bone, collapsed lung and broken ribs.

Pre-Order Rich Levin's (WPHT 1210AM) new book, details on the Books Page

Wednesday June 14th

Rumor mill update

Item #1 - New format for Philly rock station being developed

Serious research into changing the format for an existing music station in town is now under way.  I have it from a direct source involved that the target audience is 18-39 year old males.  Right now the closest station in town to this planned format is Y100 FM.  While I know the target playlist and demo and the planned inclusion of a morning personality, in order to protect her employment I told her NOT to tell me who her employer was.  This all came up by accident in an unrelated exchange.  She did reveal that things were not going all that well in the development stage and there would be resistance to a change.  I'll leave any future speculation to the general radio station web sites like Chris' and the MARB who do a fine job on that already.  I would seriously doubt that this has anything to do with DB or talk radio.

Item #2 - WWDB to go "Easy Listening" after July 4th?

Really, it beats the hell out of me!  It was speculated on the MARB that a local station would flip to something similar to B101 after July 4th.  Further fueling this is posts left by actual talk hosts trying to flush out any further info.  This has got to be the #1 asked question of me lately.  I have not even asked any of my sources.  I am not a newsperson that has to have a column done daily or weekly.  Stu and Jim already do a fine job of banging their heads against the keyboard figuring out what to write about.  I merely relate what I think is safe to post and wait for the rest to go public if it does at all.  These are real people with real lives and problems to worry about.  They have enough to deal with without me nosing around.

Let's examine what would have to happen, at least as far as my limited understating of the subject goes...

  1. The Beasley's have recently bought 4 stations, 2 in Nevada and 2 in Florida.  Seems to me that is taking up some of their attention right now.

  2. The IPO would have nothing to do with a format flip.  Item #1 easily shows that any decline in stock price does not affect the ability of the Beasley's to acquire additional properties and those 4 are, according to my sources, not the last on their wish list.

  3. A staff full of music jocks would cost less that the current talkers BUT

  4. Dumping the current on air talent would entail paying out the remaining contracts.  This alone would stave off any change.  There is no mass contract renewal around July 4th.

  5. DB's potential signal is one of the best around IF they would tune it up a bit.  It needs some work.  This opinion is from some radio geeks who know about all that.  To me it does sound "off" at times but I won't pretend to know why.  I'm just a dope that listens to radio NOT anything close to somebody that lives and breaths this stuff.

  6. Right now the other studio at DB is being repaired, no mass construction is going on but it wouldn't anyway if a format was being flipped would it?

  7. WWDB is not the worst performing station in the Beasley stable.  It would seem to me that they would go after the biggest problem first then to the next and so on.

  8. DB cut salary and staff last summer and fall.  Part of that was the Ziegler / Rollye flap and then some producers.  They were victims of a quick shift of items on the balance sheet that included bring the AM hosts back to the FM.  Dumping Dr. Laura and Rush was the logical extension of that.  Both of those shows were unreasonable in what they charged.  In the deal between Beasley / DB and CBS / PHT - I wouldn't be surprised if the main point was DB avoiding a penalty in dumping them 6 months early and PHT not wanting to pay full price upon picking them up.  Now it would seem to me that would have removed some of the pressure to change formats.  Again I won't pretend to understand the full details, don't quiz me.

All of those random thoughts just add to the confusion.  Sorry.  This site is, at its' core, a creative outlet and not the musings of some ultimate insider.  The more I get to know these people the less thrilling the "dirt" gets.  Some are courageous people trying to do their best under lousy conditions and some are egotistical chumps.  Only because I can type fast does this site exist out of my spare time.  Please don't take this site so seriously, as some do.  My private agenda is in the area of charity, not some backdoor way to get into radio.  I've used my contacts to raise money in exchange for services and along the way helped some in radio that are doing the same.

Ultimately something local will change.  If it's DB then well we go back to one of my mottos...
Shit Happens... Now What?
With just one remaining major signal station, not including NJ101.5, left you can bet that Imus will stay until some horse stomps him to death on his ranch (incidentally another thing I funneled money to) or CBS stock hits 100 and he retires.  That will leave you all with 3 local talk hosts.  This doesn't include WIP  which is more guy talk than sports and lately "sports" some fine talk with sub hosts including Ziegler and Darrow who are allowed to stray beyond the hopelessness of Philly sports.  Ooooops I forgot WHAT, a station I can't get further than 2 blocks from the transmitter.  Jesus, could it really get that bad?  Sure could.

In the meantime you'll forgive me for taking a what and see approach.  A different approach for me but one that will save my sanity.

Monday June 12th

Jim Templeton's Radio Digest report on the Faulkner Block Party and more on Gil Gross's surgery.  Boy Jim makes this job so easy.

Sunday June 11th

Rank has it's privliges.
Next time your kid mangles an arm you'll get even better treatment when a minister goes along. (He broke it at church of all places!)  People in white collars really do get special service.  For those that asked, and how that has really warmed out hearts, the little guy has one more appointment to see if the initial treatment will work.  It's looking good.

In a very boring election, courting voters won't work - Op-Ed in today's Inky By Jerry Long (Sturdy Beggars) - Excerpt...
On Al Gore (ok this was my favorite part) - Al Gore is, was and always will be a transparent political tramp. Here is a man who employs Big Tobacco's chief marketing strategist, Carter Eskew, to shape his message and slimy party hack Tony Coelho to disseminate it.

On George W. (just as good) - As for W., he has ended idiocy as we know it. His is an altogether new idiocy.... No matter how many people capable of thought he surrounds his tiny cranium with when reading speeches, as I scan the podium, I can still, like the old Monty Python sketch, "Spot The Looney."
(Tell me again, why aren't these guys on the air?  It sure wasn't a ratings problem, they were just as high as today's numbers, C'mon! Bigby... Dump the weekend Art Belle'sque crapola... if I gotta hear again why there is a "real" face on Mars I'm gonna puke.  Ok, I sort of twisted that, it's really the first hour of Mike Siegel that is now an infomercial for life on Mars.  God does THAT suck!  I bet Steve Martorano launches a secret letter drive to keep that shit on the air.)

Open Letter to Dr. Larua - Sent in by Jim Walsh (Author Unknown)
(I sent this to the above mentioned minister today)

Dear Dr. Laura,

Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's law. I have learned a great deal from you, and I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind him that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination. End of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some of the specific laws and how to best follow them.

When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Lev. 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. How should I deal with this?

I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as it suggests in Exodus 21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev. 15:19-24). The problem is, how do I tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offense.

Lev. 25:44 states that I may buy slaves from the nations that are around us. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans but not Canadians. Can you clarify?

I have a neighbor who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death.  Am I morally obligated to kill him myself?

A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an abomination (Lev. 10:10), it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I don't agree. Can you settle this?

Lev. 20:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear prescription glasses. Does my vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

I know you have studied these things extensively, so I am confident you can help. Thank you again for reminding us that God's word is eternal and unchanging.

Photo from the Daniel Faulkner Block Party of the end of the line of people waiting for a Geno's Steak.  On the enlarged photo you can see the Geno's sign left of center and the beginning of the line (obscured) is across the street and behind the tree on the left.  This was almost twice as long as when I saw it.
Picture by Graham Hook for

Monday June 5th

No, we're not changing our name tobuttboysformichaelsmerconish'  It only seems that way this week since Michael Smerconish has been getting nearly all the media attention.  You just can't make up some of the comments I heard yesterday at the Faulkner Block Party.  From an employee at Geno's ... "I didn't know a lawyer could have so many friends!" to this about the girl from WYSP, "Damn! what a rack!"  From the oh so properly dressed right wing religious couple to the bikers ... what a mix.

We told you below the Daily News was running a story today about the August 9th contest they are co-sponsoring with Smerconish.  Here it is.

From Stu's column today - WWDB's Gil Gross will announce today that he's taking some time off for surgery to remove a tumor from his spinal cord. He may be out of the office for up to six weeks, but hopes he may be able to broadcast from home even before returning to the shop. Overnight man Steve Martorano will fill in for Gil and Clark DeLeon will fill in for Steve this week, then Jason Meyer will get the gig. (Let's hold a positive thought for Gil).

Sunday June 4th

The First Annual Daniel Faulkner Block Party was a resounding success.  A picture perfect day, great music, Eagles cheerleaders, politicians, Maureen Faulkner... naturally, Oldies 98, WYSP and John DeBella, and on and on. The line for Geno's Steaks ran down the block onto the street, across the street and all the way to the curb of Pat's Steaks.  (Geno's donated ALL of the sales) One PHT sales guy came back with 6 of them.  I won't mention his name because I didn't see him share any of them... the bastard.  Smerconish had loads of fun, obviously thrilled at the turnout and the attention given by the media.  Even WWDB sent out a reporter.  To all the people I was supposed to meet AFTER 1 pm I was called away because my youngest had been taken to the hospital.  The little devil fell out of a tree and broke a couple of bones but should recover completely.  Austin Dutton from WPHT did a fantastic job of putting things together.  PHT's GM, Chris Klaus, was there and I should have mentioned that they could have raised much more money had Program Director Tom Bigby been assigned the Dunk Tank.

Friday June 2nd

Coming this Monday June 5th the Daily News is expected to run an article on the "First Annual Grow and Throw" (my name for it) featuring who can grow the biggest tomato by August 9th.  The judging will be held at Arroyo in Manyunk an include some local celebrities.  The Daily News will co sponsor the event with WPHT and it will be aired on the Michael Smerconish show.  All the losers get to pitch their entry at a giant blow up picture of Ira Einhorn, the Holly Maddox killer, who is now tending his own garden in France. Speaking of pitching ... the "Wild Thing" ... Mitch Williams, will toss the first pitch.  Go out an buy this Monday's Daily News.

Thursday June 1st

Letters - Topics, DB flipping to music? Dom G NOT arrogant? Clark Deleon, John

Rumors fly that WWDB may be change formats.

5/31 - My 2 cents....

More "inside the box" thinking from WWDB.  Last Sunday on Wally Kennedy's "Sunday Live" the topic of Dr. Laura was blended into one of her promo's for her new book.  Wally did a polite job of pumping the book and confronting her with some tough questions.  In the following segment a member of GLAD and Dom Giordano debated the controversy surrounding Dr. Laura and her views and comments on homosexuality.  WWDB refused to permit one of its' own talkers to appear.  One would think this was a perfect chance to take some shots at Ms. Yentabitch but no, they apparently didn't want to draw any attention to her.  While not the stated pick of channel 6, Gil Gross would have been perfect.  He took over her time slot and is an effective debater.

Past news (I've been tied up yet again with important matters)

The holiday schedule shuffling is always interesting.  Particularly the use of Clark DeLeon on DB.  John Stolnis filled in for Bray and Jason Meyer does the overnights this week while Martorano subs for Irv.

Neil Larrimore gets back on "Millionaire" ... I met this guy at a fundraiser he was DJ'ing for, nice guy.  On this show they brought back some past winners and split the money with charity.  Neil gave his to VH1's effort to bring music education back in the schools.  As a proud parent of a gifted music student (thanks to her teacher Mr. Beck) this is important to me as well.  Neil's attitude on the show was a stark contrast to another contestant on the same show who previously had overruled his lifeline phone call buddy.  That turkey lost the last time and this time I was happy to see him blow a question that he refused to double check on with his phone buddy.  What a marroooon.  Neil used Gil Gross as his phone buddy AND had the sense to listen to his correct answer.

It's always tough losing a friend, a close one of ours passed away this week leaving a wife and 2 young children behind.  How his extended family is handling it is simply amazing.  All of those close to them have been drawn closer together by their strong and courageous example.  God's speed Steven.

Ratings - The February/March/April Arbitrends are in

Station / Winter 2000 / FMA
KYW / 6.6 / 6.4 - (Just behind B-101's 6.5)
WYSP / 4.7 / 5.1 - (Stern's #'s had tanked last Fall-Winter)
WWDB / 3.4 / 2.9
WPHT / 2.3 / 2.2
WHAT / 1.2 / 1.0

May 22, 2000

Jim Templeton from Radio Digest expands on the AP awards story below from May 8th.  He covers it in much more detail for those interested.

May 15, 2000

(posted late) - The Dish on Darrow - Jim from Radio Digest runs a profile of Chuck Darrow.  Jim could run a series of these, is this a trend Jim?

Friday May 5, 2000

The planets aligned today the the world did not end so we can now safely announce that Jay Sorensen and Hilarie Barsky put up their own website at

May 3, 2000

 Rollye James back on the air weeknights at 10 pm.  You can read some notes about it all on her web site.  She seems troubled by possible problems people may have installing Quicktime 4.  Unless they changed something in the past couple of months there should be no problem downloading it.  Radio Geeks will be interested in the technical details about voice processing with respect to her bumper music.

May 3, 2000

Stu reprises some of the issues surrounding Jim O'Brian and Steve Levy.  Channel 10 is shamelessly ripping of Jim's memory.  Stu counters with this, NBC-10 kidnaps dead competitor  I vividly remember all of this.  People in their mid 40's and older remember when Kennedy died.  My generation remembers this.  Shame on you channel 10.  Read Stu's piece to the last sentence for the last laugh.

Monday May 22nd

Tom Looney from reports the following in today's edition.

Hayes Getting Paid through Summer has soft proof that former KABC (790 AM) program director Drew "Purple" Hayes will continue to get paid by parent company Disney/ABC through July.

and this...

KABC acting program director Erik Braverman is thought to be the shoo-in as the new PD at KABC....(and KABC) has dished about the PD post with Jeff Hillery, who is currently the program director at Philadelphia's WWDB (96.5 FM). Hillery, a California native and radio veteran, worked at KABC in the early 1980s.

Monday May 8th



1st Place - WWDB, Philadelphia

``Morning Newscast''

Gil Cross & Pat Farnack, hosts

Description: Morning newscast of December 9, 1999

Judge's Comments: All the elements of a blue ribbon newscast. Punchy, energetic delivery and entertaining! Packed with news, a nice story selection and good flow. Efficient use of reporters efficiently and good use of sound elements.

3rd Place - KYW, Philadelphia

``KYW Newsradio Newscast''

Harry Donahue & Ed Abrams, anchors

Mike DeNardo, editor

Description: KYW Newsradio aircheck from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. on

Tuesday, September 21, 1999.

Judge's Comments: A generous, if uneven, blend of local, national and international stories. We thought the newscast could have used more energy.


1st Place - WWDB, Philadelphia

``Do I Look OK?''

Pat Farnack, reporter

Description: A daily lifestyle feature.

Judge's Comments: The fast pace of this feature, following a boot camp-style weight loss program, conveyed a sense of energy throughout. Nice descriptive writing and use of sound. Those grunts made the judges happy we weren't recruited for the program!


1st Place - WWDB, Philadelphia

``Smokey On Sports''

Larry Gifford, reporter

Description: A 60-second morning sports update.

Judge's Comments: A sports report that even non-sports fans could listen to -- and even giggle! Great delivery with tight cuts! The sportscast showed great style and attitude!


3rd Place - WWDB, Philadelphia


Mellany Armstrong, reporter

Description: A man can tell your life story in 60 seconds. And he uses a manual typewriter.

Judge's Comments: The judges were pleased to hear a nice sound piece done in a short time frame. The fast pace of the story matched the fast pace of the topic -- writing a novel in 60 seconds.

Tuesday May 2nd

Roberta Gale recently put up her T-shirt, that she spilled coffee on during a show, on E-bay only to have the highest bidder renege.  Roberta, in a class move, made the story public and promised to donate the original $163 plus her own matching money to the Associated Humane Societies.  Also the bag of dirt that helped her put the shirt onto E-bay turned out to be a real jackass himself by trying to resell some photos of Roberta given to him for free to those that placed bids.  There is a special place in hell for these people.  Just another example of why we do things the way do here.  Mock us for being to cautious and responsible but I'm proud to say none of MY people would dare do such a thing. 
source - Roberta Gale's mailing list.

The Rollye James show gets pushed back as she continues to put equipment in place and define some obscure legal items.  You can read up on this at her web site at  Her show will air solo on WPHT for a while and also stream out on the net.
source -

WPHT confirms that Phil Hendrie will move earlier to take G. Gordon Liddy's spot at 7pm when the Phillies are not on.
source - wpht

Michael Smerconish gets his highest ratings ever at WPHT by getting an average of a 3.3 from 5-7 pm in the key 25-54 demo.  His numbers surpass even those of Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh.  While the numbers are up from 3-5 where Dom Giordano now resides there is a significant jump for Smerconish that cannot be attributed to PHT's gaining Rush and Laura.
source - New York CBS mole

You can cast your vote at to tell him which shore town to take his family on vacation.  If you're not a regular listener to Dom you'll not realize why this is funny.  Dom has alienated virtually all the towns up and down the Jersey Coast.  There is one town listed that I don't recognize... hmmm...

Thursday April 27th

From Stu's Column in the Daily News yesterday - The reason that you're seeing less of WWDB's Irv Homer on Marc Howard's "Inside Story" is because the Sunday chat show changed its taping time and now conflicts with Irv's show and 'DB management wants him on their air, not the TV station's. Evil Irv will be able to tape the show on his days off and vacation days.

Stu today also runs with - It's all but certain that Rollye James will launch her syndicated talk show at 10 Monday night on WPHT/1210-AM, which is delirious over its winter ratings book. The station went from a .8 to a 2.3 in 12-and-up ratings. That's a huge jump

Wednesday April 26th

In the continuing battle between WPHT and WWDB here are some early figures on the winter ratings.

Daytime #'s (6 am to 7 pm) weekdays

WPHT just barely edges out WWDB in the all important demographic of 25 to 54 by a 1.9 for WPHT to a 1.8 for WWDB although in 12+ WWDB still retains the lead with a 3.2 vs. WPHT 2.9.  Sources inside CBS and WPHT say there are smiles all around as they didn't expect such a result for at least another 3 to 6 months.

more on the 12+ 7 days, 6 am to midnight

stationfall 99nov, dec, jandec, jan, febwinter 2000


Mike Rossi comes onboard WWDB as sports director this week.  You may remember him from Star 104.5 FM when he was on with Nancy Glass in the mornings.  Mike also does reporting on WTVE's Philly TV News.  WTVE is where Mary Fran Manzo, a WWDBer, went.

Monday April 24th

Heeeeeeeeere's Ed - by Jim Templeton of Radio

Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show" sidekick is being honored by the Philadelphia City Council, thanks to a couple of local radio guys, one of whom is a council member.

Ed McMahon is on a 40-city bus tour to promote, which is his "Star Search" for the new millennium. The bus stops in Philadelphia tomorrow (April 25) and, when Metro Networks/Shadow Philadelphia news director Paul Perrello heard about McMahon coming to town, he remembered his interview with McMahon last year when McMahon was plugging his autobiography.

During that interview, McMahon told Perrello it was 50 years since he launched his television career in Philadelphia. Perrello wondered if anyone in town knew that and McMahon replied he didn't think so.

"I said that (milestone) should be worthy of a city honor," Perrello explained, "and here is where I go out on a limb and tell him that if I have anything to do with it, he should be recognized for his contributions to local and national television."

With McMahon coming back to Philadelphia, and Perrello set to interview him again, the local radio news anchor figured he better live up to his promise. So Perrello contacted city councilman and WWDB (96.5 FM) talk host Frank Rizzo to see what could be done about that city honor.

Rizzo took the ball and ran with it, and the city council approved a resolution on April 13 "honoring and commending the career and achievements of Philadelphia's legendary 'Mr. Television,' Ed McMahon."

The resolution goes on to cite the entertainer's accomplishments and calls for an "engrossed copy of this resolution to be presented to Ed McMahon as evidence of the sincere admiration of this legislative body."

Perrello said the city council hopes to present the proclamation to McMahon in its chambers Thursday morning (April 27), but that McMahon may be out of town by then because he's scheduled to be in Boston for an appearance Thursday night. If that turns out to be the case once McMahon gets here, then Perrello said arrangements would be made to get the honor to McMahon on Wednesday when he's scheduled to be at Pat's Steaks, another Philadelphia institution.

Wednesday April 19th

Excerpted from Stu's Column in the Daily News,

Dom Giordano is a happy man.

Since winding up with a regular gig at WPHT/1210-AM - and daylight hours, too! - he amuses himself and his listeners with periodic contests. He and they get to tickle their imaginations (and sharpen their knives).

The latest on his 3-5 p.m. show is finding a "suitable" nickname for mayoral Chief of Staff Stephanie Franklin-Suber. (His last game challenged listeners to come up with a name for Mayor Street's mobile office. The winner was "4.6135/City Wage Tax Car" and the entrant won Flyers tickets.)

This being nickname-happy mob country, everyone needs to have a nickname, right?

Dom's "Stephanie contest" will run through the end of the month. The leading candidates are "the Sube Nazi," "the Goodbye Girl," "Street's Girl Named to Fire" and "Der Suber."

I'm not eligible to win - the prize looks like lunch or dinner with a celeb - but I offer up this: "Suber Uber Alles."

You can call in your ideas to his show.

Stu also covers the upcoming show where Comish Timony fills in for Rizzo.

Police Commissioner John Timoney will fill in for Frank Rizzo Jr. on WWDB/96.5-FM on Sunday, April 30, from 9 to midnight, as a "public service." Program director Jeff Hillery jokes, "Between Rizzo and this guy, we'll never have to worry about another parking ticket" .

Monday April 17th

Excerpted From Radio Digest . com,  for more read the Full story

Arresting Radio

Philadelphia police commissioner John Timoney will fill in for Frank Rizzo on WWDB (96.5 FM) in a couple of weeks. You can "Ask the Commish" when Rizzo takes off from his Sunday night show on April 30. Timoney's been on the NewsTalk station as a guest before, but this will be his first hosting stint.

Coffee Klutz

While we're on the topic of things you can dunk in your java, let's put Roberta Gale's shirt into evidence -- a shirt that Gale just sold on for $162.

Gale -- "a messy girl since I was a kid" -- spilled coffee on her shirt about a month and a half ago on the air. Gale does a 7- to 10-p.m. pseudo-talk/music show on WNJO (94.5 FM) in Trenton and on two other Nassau Broadcasting radio stations. Her topic that night then turned to, "Is it possible to wear clothing and eat simultaneously?" and stain removal.

Later that week, Gale read an article about women selling their "used" underwear on the adult section of ebay. Now picture the light bulb going on above Gale's head. Fortunately, Gale hadn't gotten around to doing the laundry yet.

So there on ebay, beginning March 31, was item #297603339: "Roberta Gale Stained Shirt." It was listed in the "Collectibles/Weird Stuff/Slightly Unusual" category. Included with the shirt was a certificate of authenticity and a cassette tape of the show in which Gale spilled the coffee. Gale also promised to autograph the shirt.

The first bid came in at $1.98 and Gale brought the winning $162 bidder, Stan, on the air last Monday night (April 10).

The shirt and accessories weren't the draw to the auction, however. Gale made it clear during the bidding period that she would donate the purchase price and her own "matching gift" -- if the bid price reached at least $100 -- to the Associated Humane Societies. The non-profit group cares for animals and operates four shelters in New Jersey where pet adoptions are available.

Rollye's Radio Static

Journalists are trained to report on the who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how of stories.

Well, the latest on Rollye James (the who) is that she will have a radio show in the near future. Why? Because that's what she knows and does best. Other than driving the interstate, listening to rhythm and blues oldies and enjoying her time off the radio, that is. But those latter things don't put anything on James' fast food plate. Thus her imminent return to nighttime radio.

The when, where and how is still up in the airwaves. James promises news soon, though. Maybe even as you read this. But James isn't rushing into anything. She'll be the first to tell you that she's in no hurry to get back to work. She says she has the ambition of a snail.

But James is a smart businesswoman, in addition to being an entertaining radio host. She can discuss cost-per-thousand, spot inventory and moving product as well as, if not better than, any radio salesperson. So she wants to be sure that all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted before she says those letters aloud.

Thursday April 13th

From Stu's column in the Daily News ... full story

There's a chance former talk-show yakker Rollye James will start her own syndicated talk show with WPHT/1210-AM as her flagship station. 'PHT director of operations Tom Bigby couldn't confirm that but praised Rollye's talent and said, "We'd love to have Rollye." Bigby did confirm that he offered her a job in December in the afternoon slot that went to Dom Giordano. Rollye, however, has an aversion to working as an "employee" for any radio statio . . .At News Talk 96.5-FM, next Friday is Larry "Smokey" Gifford's last day. The morning sports anchor is moving to the Left Coast because his wife landed a big job Out There. Program director Jeff Hillery is searching for a Smokey replacement.

Monday April 10th

Premiere announces The Fox Sports Radio Network LOS ANGELES – Premiere Radio Networks and FOX Sports announced today that they have signed a long term licensing and programming agreement, creating the FOX Sports Radio Network. Through this new network, Premiere Radio will offer an ambitious, turnkey 24 hour, seven days a week programming opportunity to radio stations. Both commentary and callers will drive programming. "I know the radio world is ready for FOX Sports – great branding, star talent, brilliant programming, production and regionality," said Kraig T. Kitchin, president and CEO of Premiere Radio Networks. "It's all coming!" "This is another significant step in the growth of FOX Sports," said David Hill, Chairman and CEO, FOX Sports Television Group. "We are delighted that our partnership with Premiere Radio Networks enables us to provide another entertaining, informative service to the American sports fan."

The FOX Sports Radio Network will feature a variety of entertaining, informative and opinionated personalities including Tony Bruno and FOX NFL SUNDAY's Emmy Award-winning analyst Cris Collinsworth. A complete talent lineup will be announced in the near future. In addition, FOX Sports Radio Network hosts will have access to many FOX Sports and FOX Sports Net play-by-play announcers, expert analysts, and "FOX Sports News" anchors as well as breaking news from the 4,000 games that FOX Sports and FOX Sports Net produce annually. The FOX Sports Radio Network will also include regional news reporting utilizing resources of FOX Sports Net's 21 regional sports newscasts set to debut on June 28.  State-of-the-art studios are currently under construction at the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles and Premiere Radio Networks in Sherman Oaks. The facility in Sherman Oaks will have street level-window studios to allow public viewing. 

Saturday April 8th

The following article is from 
(reposted here with permission)

Rollye James Set to Announce New Syndication Deal

(April 7, 2000) Longtime LARP veteran Rollye James has been mentioned as being a replacement for Art Bell on "AM Coast to Coast." "I am not a potential candidate," Rollye told me last night from her home outside of Philadelphia. Rollye resigned from the Premiere assignment almost a month before Art announced his retirement. She had been asked to take on Art’s Monday and Friday nights as her own and drop the "filling in" phrase. Conflicts between the management at Premiere Radio Networks and Rollye surfaced early in the relationship. "My issues were not about the topic matter, as ‘Coast to Coast’ has built a wonderful following based on the paranormal, rather the reliance on and selection of guests and the reasons behind it," said Rollye. Their differences were vast and she was not willing to compromise her beliefs. Rollye is very excited about her next venture and she is days away from announcing her new syndicated evening show. Since leaving "AM Coast to Coast," she has received over 2,500 emails voicing support. "There is a void in night time programming – a void I hope to soon fill," enthused Rollye. She worked at KPOL, KMPC, KHTZ, KGIL, KLAC, KMPC and KFI during her stay in Southland radio. You can stay up with Rollye’s activities at .


Friday April 7th

Commentary on Missile Defense by Jerry Long of the Sturdy Beggars was run today in the Inky on the Op-Ed page.
Excerpt - Now that the candidacy of John McCain has ended, and with it, any chance of having a truly hot First Lady, I'd like to take a brief look at this country's defense policy and those who control it.   Full commentary

Kevin Carter does an "On Radio" column some Friday's in the Inky.  There is the information you already read here about Art Bell and about Rollye leaving the fill in spot for his show.  There is a blurb about Fred Sherman that states Fred was unwilling to read commercials.  This is true.  You can find the text at the end of this page.  (this link also includes the story below) This website has also learned that Fred could go on the air as soon as he wanted to with very little notice on at least 2 local stations.

Another story in the Inky deals with equipment problems over at WHYY and it's impact on it's radio shows.
Excerpt - Problems have been most noticeable on the radio, with listeners complaining about hearing two voices at the same time, dead air, missed feeds, and programs coming on when they aren't supposed to. All this despite costly renovations - to the tune of $24 million - at the Independence Mall headquarters of 90.9 FM and Channel 12. Full story

Thursday April 6th



DON Imus says listeners lose -- but advertisers win -- because of MSNBC's decision to carry the full four hours of his WFAN (660 AM) radio wakeup show instead of just the first three.

"The reason you didn't hear as many commercials between 6 and 9 is because we've been running them between 9 and 10 [to protect TV]," said Imus on Tuesday, the first day of his full-length MSNBC cable simulcast.

"We've been screwing these sponsors for years," said Imus. "Now we have to get the commercials in when they're supposed to be in."

"Now the advertisers are screwing us," added sidekick Charles McCord.

Like most morning-drive radio shows, Imus sheds a large number of listeners at 9 a.m. when work, school and other daytime activities begin.

His audience drop-off is about a third, though advertisers generally get charged the same amount as earlier in the show.

"He was being silly. We don't really do that," 'FAN program director Mark Chernoff told The Post. "What sometimes happens is that there are occasions when we do a long interview and have to make up a break in the 9 o'clock hour."

Chernoff says Imus used to park a lot more commercials in the 9 a.m. hour years ago -- before his watch as PD.

Meantime, Imus says MSNBC is lucky to have more of him.

"Essentially, their channel sucks. They've been reduced to telecasting a radio program to get any ratings at all," said Imus.

"That's the state of that outfit. They ran out of 'Time and Agains,'" he added. "And that new Matt Lauer thing is dreadful."

"And how many shows on women in bikinis can you do?" asked sidekick Bernard McGuirk.

WFAN already carries one of the highest commercial loads in the city, a situation that gets complained about frequently on the Internet's "New York Radio Message Board" (

As a result, the CBS/Infinity sports-talker reportedly was far and away the nation's highest grossing radio station last year ($60,800,000) even though it ranks only 15th in the New York ratings -- but does considerably better among the young men advertisers chase.


WWDB again runs the promos for their revamped website.  "Put the voices to a picture," hey ... a tip ... get a new camera.


Rollye James and WPHT, NOT a done deal ... yet.  Philly Talk Radio Online has it on good authority that there is no contract signed between Mediatrix (Rollye) and WPHT.  Rollye WILL go on the air in the future and her show will indeed run on WPHT here.  The time slot is from 10 pm to 1am local.  This will be just one of her stations since the show will be syndicated.  
Recent developments have delayed the start date so don't expect her show to air in the near term.  Much of this new information is too sensitive to post here or via any mailing list so we won't betray anybody's trust by inappropriately releasing it.  When the time is right you can read it here.  Stay tuned to this site for accurate updates.
More on Rollye below...


Tom Bigby, PD for WPHT, has been running spots teasing about adding more new hosts.  Maybe not more than one but he's not kidding.  Best option for PHT at this time is signing not with Rollye James but her media company.  Rollye will use PHT as a home base for her show.


Art Bell to leave radio.  Shortly after the post below Premiere sent out a press release that is posted on Art's web site along with the text and real audio of his announcement.


The end of Art Bell? again?  Rumors from inside Premiere Networks have been repeated on the Drudge Report that Art plans to announce on April Fool's Day that he will leave the show never to return.  MY sources say that this does not come as a surprise to the network.  Premiere has its' own plans and will milk the show as they let it wither on the vine.  Things are rarely as simple as they seem.  At the end of April Art leaves to be replaced by live shows every night.


Wednesday March 29th

Two advertisers pull out of Dr. Laura's show at the same timer her nude photo's return to the Net.  Full story from Radio  Because of her "perceived anti-gay beliefs" both Amica insurance and (an online pharmacy) yanks spots off her show and from those time slots on stations that carry her show.

Monday, March 27th

The trends for February are in

stationfall 99nov, dec, jandec, jan, feb

WHAT and WKXW didn't register above the minimum to get posted with the early release of numbers.

Tuesday, March 22nd

Maureen Faulkner has sent a letter asking Irv Homer to stop his efforts to rename West River Drive to Daniel Faulkner Memorial Highway as long as he continues his policy with regard to a new trial for Mumia Abu-Jamal, the man convicted of killing her husband.  You may remember both Michael Smerconish and Irv Homer went at it on Channel 6 over this issue.  It keeps resurfacing so here, again, is the audio link.  Hear Smerconish and Homer on Channel 6.  Both have traded charges of hypocrisy and self promotion but now the widow seems to have come down on one side.  While the core issue is tragic and painful for everybody the publicity and countercharges have been great for talk radio.

Michael Smerconish quoted in the Daily News - Beswick's attorney, Michael Smerconish, said he is concerned that some Fire Department paramedics "serve two masters," working part-time for private ambulance companies.  The Fire Department says 70 of its 267 paramedics have permission for those part-time jobs.  "It strikes me as a conflict of interest," Smerconish said.  Full article

Monday March 21st

Bill honors Faulkner

Would name highway after slain officer

by John M. Baer
Daily News Staff Writer

 HARRISBURG - The ongoing public relations war in the internationally known case of Mumia Abu-Jamal hits the Legislature anew this week with a bill creating "Officer Daniel Faulkner Memorial Highway."  Read the story in the Daily News.


Sunday March 19th

This was posted by Steve, Fred's webmaster on today after Fred Sherman's show

Fred Sherman’s statement just after his WPHT show on Sunday March 19, 2000

After sixteen years in the media, I am not about to compromise my principles.  I will not commercialize my integrity.  Therefore, I was forced to leave WPHT and G-d willing I will see you all soon.


Monday March 13th

Reposted from Stu's column in the daily news

Jay Sorensen and Hilarie Barsky were suspended without pay Friday for one day by WWDB after getting smutty - again - on the air. (Steve Martorano filled in.)

They had been warned about the sexual orientation of their show the day before by program director Jeff Hillery in a meeting just before the start of their 3-5 p.m. shift. When I say "meeting," I mean a screaming match heard outside the office by Stu's Spies.

Curious, I tuned in that afternoon and among the subjects up for discussion was how women, um, pleasure themselves while they drive cars.

Hillery and the hosts, according to an inside observer, have been butting heads in recent weeks over what is and what's not appropriate subject matter for their daily chatfest.

Station GM Dennis Begley says "they need to tone it down a bit," and he expects them to be back on the air Monday.


reposted from's San Diego Report.

Readers constantly write to say that what's left of talk
radio in San Diego is about as useful as dental floss at
a Willie Nelson concert. What the heck is going on

Two of San Diego's three talk programmers responded
to a request for some thoughts on the current state of
talk radio in the lower left corner.

KPRZ/KCBQ's Mark Larson: "Yes, talk radio is
evolving (morphing? mutating?) into something
different. Yet, I don't believe the changes are any
different than radio's usual radio 'revolving door' for
personalities. Mergers have caused some of it, along
with budgets and the need for bigger profit margins,
but much of the problem also comes from a lack of
understanding at the management level.

"Talk shows often make managers nervous. Talent can
be very high-maintenance. Some personalities have
also forgotten that their involvement in the community
is still important to success. That means doing more
than reading a (public service announcement) once in a
while. They know that customer service counts. It's
more rare now, and those who display it draw listeners
who are amazed when they come across someone
who's not just 'doing radio.'

"On-air people who 'get it' will win, and for a long time
-- often regardless of ratings. They get results because
they care about their craft and the business more than
most. Those who view San Diego as only a stepping
stone to bigger markets often fizzle quickly.

"The more things change, the more some radio truths
stay the same."

KFMB-AM/FM operations manager Tracy Johnson:
"It's very difficult to launch a successful talk show. The
audience is so slow to accept new talent to the
market. It takes time to establish new talk hosts.

"Talk is a very expensive format to operate, and even
more difficult to turn a profit. The talk players in the
market continue to position and re-position to try and
maximize resources."

Friday March 10th

Rollye James has left the "Coast to Coast" show as a fill in for Art Bell 2 days a week.  Please do not email me to ask why.  Just wait.

Rollye's site has this message,
MARCH 8, 2000... I promised you "as soon as there's something to say, I'll say it on my website." For those of you who are aware that I resigned from hosting "Coast to Coast AM", you're probably here to find out if I'm making good on that statement.  Well, you're right if you think there's now something to say . However... it would be premature for me to say it here-- or anywhere ...yet. All I can offer in the form of immediate enlightenment is that, "All is not always as it appears." (Apologies for that cryptically lame message.) As soon as additional information can appear, it will appear, here. For the moment, I'll disappear... with many thanks for your continued interest and support!

Wednesday March 9th

Councilman Rick Mariano taken to task for remarks made on talk radio - (full story from the Daily News, Erin Einhorn, Daily News staff writer)
"There are people who think David is a vampire. Y'know, he's a couple of centuries old," Mariano told radio host Gil Gross on WWDB (96.5-FM). "There is a rumor that he eats young, unborn children. I heard that rumor in City Council, but I don't believe it."

Mariano's comment came after Gross asked about an incident in Council on March 1, when labor leader Pat Gillespie urged that a microphone cord be tightened around Cohen's neck.

Mariano was laughing as he made the vampire remark, as was Gross, who said that "everybody realized he was goofing."

Motor Mouths 
By Doug Donovan in Forbes

The radio industry is as hot as the air blowing from its windy stars. Advertising revenues rose 15% last year, to $17.5 billion. That gives the agents for top jocks like Howard Stern plenty of room to negotiate richer deals for their stars. No problem there. New station owners like Viacom and Disney are used to paying outrageous salaries. 

Howard Stern 

The self-anointed King of All Media adds a few new jewels to his crown: Howard Stern Productions will deliver its first two TV series, Doomsday on UPN and Son of a Beach on FX. Ratings for his Saturday night talk show have been in the doldrums, and his hectic schedule cost him his 21-year marriage. But even that has helped the 46-year-old's radio show: Ratings are up now that he's on the prowl. 


Dr. Laura Schlessinger 

Branding? The Martha Stewart of morality has a magazine, a line of gift items and four books that have together sold 3 million copies (a fifth is due this spring). Hasbro's new Dr. Laura Game lets players learn how to "preach, teach and nag," just like Dr. Laura. The brash sermonizer hits full stride this fall with a new daytime TV show. 


Rush Limbaugh 

Rush rail against capitalism? When a new technology shortened his on-air diatribes by squeezing in more ads, he quickly lashed out at the new revenue generator, saying it could spell "doom" for radio. Hypocrisy be damned: His unabashed propagation of conservative ideals gives him the nation's largest radio audience--15 million listeners. 


Dr. Joy Browne 

Her radio show may rank fourth behind Rush, Schlessinger and Stern, but her TV show garners a larger audience. She also started her own line of greeting cards, a venture Stern and Limbaugh will not likely replicate. With three books and a new daytime TV show in 1999, Browne is the medium's newest star: "I've never felt like a celebrity until I started doing the television show." 


Don Imus 

On air since 1968, Imus is considered by many to be radio's first "shock jock"--something he and rival Howard Stern have argued about for years. The constant gibes by his nemesis leave him little rattled: "You're not going to run into Stern at a Mensa meeting." Like other top jocks, the satirist's show has been adapted for television, his by MSNBC. An Arizona native, the 59-year-old contributed $2 million last year to his cattle ranch run for cancer victims. 


Friday March 3rd

On Page Three of His "Philly Phindings" radio report, Jim Templeton relates for readers the well known, at least for us talk heads, story of Michael Smerconish and Irv Homer going at it over "Mumia Drive" on Channel 6 with Mark Howard.
Excerpt - ... "Yes, the only thing more interesting than hearing a talk show host berate a caller, or vice versa, is when two talk show hosts go at it head to head." 
...  This is the important part of his piece.  While we can take sides on the mumia case or which host was more sincere, the unique event was that Channel 6 provided a perfect forum for 2 local talk hosts to go at it.  Jim properly reminds us of this.  Irv commented later that if WPVI is smart they will do this often.  Hear it in real audio

John M. Baer in the Philly Daily News - Radio Show Sparks - "Smerconish yesterday was the target of a demonstration by Abu-Jamal supporters outside his Center City law office, the day after he hosted former prison volunteer Philip Bloch on his evening radio show."

Thursday March 2nd

The Philly City Paper ran an article on Michael Smerconish - "It’s an idea I came up with a couple of months ago because it occurred to me that despite all the bullshit on the other side of the fence and all of their claims about how Mumia was railroaded, they had never taken the time and expense to post the trial transcripts," says Smerconish, a talk show host and lawyer prominent in Republican political circles. "There are in excess of 100 pro-Mumia websites. It struck me as an oddity that they are all long on hyperbole and short on fact."

Wednesday March 1st

John McCain reportedly called up Michael Reagan radio show last night ... this report came from our buddy Vince. John McCain called up the Michael Reagan radio talk show via cell phone. Reagan apparently tried to steer McCain towards a discussion of various political issues, but McCain refused to play along, instead using his on-air time to bad-mouth Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. The conversation got rather heated, and ended with Reagan hanging up on McCain in disgust over his refusal to address Reagan's questions.  Real Audio of the entire show You can slide the real audio control bar over to "01:04:50"  and skip ahead to the call, it will rebuffer and play.  The call lasts about 4 minutes.  Reagan starts into McCain about judgeships and Warren Rudman.  This winds up going in to the whole Pat Roberston deal.  McCain ignores the next question, Reagan hangs up.  This is not earth shattering or huge news but interesting nonetheless.  McCain should have kept his cool and Reagan should have had more class.  They both wound up losers.

Tuesday February 27th

Rumor from Premier Radio Networks - The Phil Hendrie Show, broadcast here in Philly on WPHT 1210 AM may move to 7 to 10 pm est.  That would put Phil's show directly in the same slot as many of the baseball and basketball broadcasts.  Currently WPHT runs sports on all but 179 nights (I think, don't  hold me to that #).  PHT could run the show tape delayed and keep G. Gordon Liddy as is.

Monday February 28th

From Stu's column - Riding high is WPHT/1210's Michael Smerconish after correctly calling John McCain's Tuesday victory in Michigan even before the polls closed and followed the next night by correctly predicting that Jane Fonda's appearance to support the candidacy of Allyson Schwartz would be canceled. It was, about 12 hours after his show ended. Yo, Mike: Wanna pick a stock for me?

Jill Porter from the Daily News - "I'm fed up with Mumia Abu Jamal" - If I have one wish for the millennium, it's for the Mumia Abu-Jamal story to go away.
I'm sick of demonstrations by deluded do-gooders whose self-righteousness is surpassed only by their igorance about the case.

Friday February 25th

This Sunday is the "ScrappleFest" at the Troc.  Visit Vossworld for some details on the message board.  (DB's site is STILL offline)  You can hear the Scrapple Queen Eliana in this Real Audio spot for Spencer Gifts.

Thursday February 24th

How I learned to hate radio (KSFO)

Excerpt from the article  -  "I signed on as a producer at KSFO just over a year ago, having given no thought to the baggage I would carry merely by being on the payroll. A passionate broadcaster, madly in love with radio, I saw the station as an offbeat little boutique in the midst of chain stores. I wanted to work there for reasons that had to do with professional development, not with politics. Soon enough, though, the politics grabbed me by the collar, and shook me with such force that the broadcaster fell aside, and the citizen was pushed forward, unable to turn away from the disturbing revelations of so-called hate radio."

Monday February 21st

GLAAD, Paramount Taming Dr. Laura?  
original story link

The ever-obstinate Dr. Laura Schlessinger giving in?

Maybe, maybe not.

Representatives of the studio producing the preachy radio talker's upcoming daytime TV show and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation got together Monday to discuss what to do about Dr. Laura's outspoken anti-homosexual stance, which has so angered the advocacy group.

The result was a press release noting "a positive exchange of differing perspectives" and stating Paramount's belief that the television show, set to premiere in 90 percent of the country this fall, will differ from the not-so-good doctor's hot-button radio show because "there will be many points of view, derived from a variety of sources, guests and a studio audience."

Only one problem: Dr. Laura wasn't at the meeting. (The release does states that dialogue "is expected to continue," so maybe she'll show up next time. A Schlessinger spokesperson had no comment, saying the statement spoke for itself.)

Within the industry talk shows are viewed a something of a passé concept, their ratings sagging, their often sensational appeal usurped by the million-dollar quiz shows, but on radio Dr. Laura's extremism has pulled high ratings, so Paramount is betting on her to translate well to the tube.

The mike-hogger, who is currently heard on over 400 radio stations, berates callers for their lack of morality, calling homosexuality "deviant" and "a biological error," based on information from the Family Research Council, which GLAAD views as antigay. She also promotes controversial therapies designed to help gays become heterosexual. The onetime atheist (whose past includes nude photos that have been posted on the Web) is now an Orthodox Jew who claims her hard-line views stem from "an objective and absolute standard of right and wrong" that she tries to pass along to others by preaching, teaching and, yes, nagging.

Gay and lesbian employees at Paramount, a studio that grants benefits to same-sex partners, began nagging back, both in house and via the media, when it was announced the Viacom-owned company was developing a show for a woman who is anti same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples.

And while GLAAD acknowledges Dr. Laura's freedom of speech, the organization has asked that the doctor refrain from using the word "deviant" about its members' lifestyle and acknowledge (even if not agreeing with) alternative viewpoints and sources of information about homosexuality. A GLAAD spokesperson tells E!Online that he would like to be able to say more on the issue but for now the agreed-to joint statement must suffice. 


My friends at tell me that there is a new Pro Mumia website at  The pro Faulkner people have another surprise coming for them.


Dom Giordano now has the URL etched into his palm - 


Daily News - Stu weighs in on the DB "apology" while referring to comments from Jim at
Personally one of DB's advertisers who knows me and enjoys Jay and Hilarie called me up to vent.  She thought the station was short sighted by not having follow up spots ready that would extend the hype.  "They could have run portions of the show with almost anything bleeped out.  Instead, they irritated people who didn't "get it" the first time around."  I passed this along to the station.  The reply .... "Uhhh."  Oh well, I thought it was funny but then I have a strange sense of humor.

Thursday February 17th

Excerpt ... "But the FCC's plans have drawn opposition from the broadcast industry. The whole thing boils down to greed and turf wars. The broadcast industry wants to exclude the new class of community radio stations so that the industry can reap ever larger profits. And that's just wrong." ... Full Story from the Inky Greed fuels fight for radio's future

Wednesday February 16th

Dom Giordano is called an "oddball talk show host" and a "Bully with a microphone" in the Delaware County Times.  What else is new?

These are likely temporary links but the info is from the archives on Dom's site and will be made available later.

Few mourn M.E.’s ‘demise’

Gil Spencer- Forget suing Dimitri, challenge Wally to a duel

Michael Smerconish adds a polling page and a message board forum to his website

Tuesday February 15th

On Friday February 10th Beasley Broadcasting (parent company of WWDB, WTEL, WXTU, WTMR) offered an IPO with a target of $15 to $18 per share.  The stock opened at $15.50 on Friday and slid to $13.125 by this afternoon's trading.  They sold 6.85 million to raise over $106 million (about $2 million more than expected).  The money goes to pay down debt held by its' own credit arm and other various debt, some held by family members.

Monday February 13th

On Sunday Michael Smerconish and Irv Homer had a lively debate about the death penalty, Mumia ... and each other.  Good TV and good for local radio.  Irv will debate anybody on anything, Smerconish is ... a lawyer ... say no more.  

Hear it in real audio (channel 6 audio - used with permission) 


Ratings - DB had a nice fall book, best in over a year.  The bloodshed from the spring and summer has been stemmed and somewhat reversed.  Kent, the ever popular target on the message board here, picked up nicely, riding the rest of the station.  What is not clear is how the most recent changes will turn out.  THAT won't be evident until July.  The winter book, due in April won't be a true reflection since Rush and Laura moved in mid January.  Most people familiar with the industry say the full story won't be told for a full year.


Spring, Summer, Fall summary for 1999.  This is the last full book before Rush and Laura switched to PHT.  The winter book will be a partial representation since they didn't move until the book started.  The next full book will be the Spring book due out in July.  It won't be until then that a realistic trend will be fully evident.  Even that will be somewhat early.  Radio insiders insist a full year will really tell the tale.

WPHT, 12+, Monday - Sunday, 6 am - midnight, 
Spring 99     1.1    (21)
Summer 99  1.7    (20) 
FALL 99          .8   (23)

WWDB, 12+, Monday - Sunday, 6 am - midnight, 
Spring 99      3.3    (13)
Summer 99   3.6    (11)
FALL 99        4.1    (10)

Wednesday February 2nd

Street named for mumia?
 Inky Op-Ed piece (Thanks Paul)

Tuesday February 1st

WWDB will adding entertainment reports on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:43.  Joel Gibbs who currently does his show on Saturday evenings from 10pm to midnight will lend his talent for this.  

Roberta Gale, formerly on NJ101.5 returns to the air (on Wednesday Feb. 2nd)  weekdays from 7 to 10 pm at the following stations;

WNJO-FM, 94.5 Trenton, New Jersey, this is a 50,000 watt station that roughly covers the same area as her last station

WJLK-FM, 94.3, "The Point" in the Monmouth-Ocean area of NJ

WSBG-FM, 93.5, Stroudsburg, PA in the Pocono area and parts of Northern New Jersey

Show Line - 1-877-ROBERTA - 


Low power radio article from the Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico.  The FCC's new rules apply nationwide.

Monday, January 24th

The CompuDudes ® return to WHYY-91FM at 9PM on Thursdays - see their website for more details.
Peter Cook and Scott Manning along with Rich Levin (Saturday's WPHT) are among the best in the country at this stuff.  The Philly market deserves such shows.  With technology advancing at such a rapid pace NOT having such shows on is like NOT covering TV and Movies.

Thursday, January 20th

"Yank this DB!"... quoted from my source at Premier Networks, syndicator for Rush and Dr. Laura.  Premier filed for a cease and desist order against WWDB for airing promos using a Rush Limbaugh sound alike.  "From what I hear he was pretty good... " my source went on...  "But, No, we won't allow it, especially not after the spin they put on the transition."

Premier further demanded that WWDB remove from it's webpage the audio links to both shows.  That probably came as a surprise for WWDB.  They must have thought that the "under construction" button on it's splash page or was enough.  Ironically THAT page STILL has links to Rush and Laura prominently displayed.  Most people bookmarked the actual site so they never even see the splash page.

Beasley is revamping many of it's stations websites this year.  WWDB is due for an entire overhaul that will include new photos and bio's.  Internet streaming is also planned to debut soon.

In a related piece of email a stockbroker friend sent me a note saying that Beasley bought up 600,000 shares of for a cool $3 million in online/on air ad swaps.  This is typical of what has been going on in the industry as many companies are partnering with online companies.  Beasley has previously announced this intent in their IPO.

Tuesday, January 18th

WWDB playfully has been yanking PHT's chain with new promos done with a pretty decent Rush impersonator.  The spots urge the listener to check out Homer in his new spot.

Meanwhile over at WPHT Rush Limbaugh is on vacation and a cursory check of other stations yesterday (Monday) found that Walter Williams is filling in and later this week Tony Snow takes the chair.  Everybody BUT PHT was getting live shows.  Rush cut some promos earlier this month for his first week on PHT.  Yesterday, Giordano was pre-empted by the Flyers.  The game and post game show ran right through Smerconish's normal slot.  Today Rush's repeat show was played.

Monday January 17th

WWDB moves

Jay Sorensen and Hilarie Barsky team up again but this time on WWDB from 3 to 5 pm.  Previously they were a team on both NJ101.5 and WPHT(1997-1998).  Jay had worked at WIFI-FM as a top 40 Jock, WPST-FM, 66-WNBC in New York and then NJ101.5 as PM, OM and with Hilarie from 1994 to 1996.  Hilarie, a La Salle grad, has worked at WCAU/CBS-AM&FM, WPVI-TV, WSNI-FM, KISS-100, WKXW-FM/NJ101.5, WPHT, and currently as new anchor for WWDB in the afternoons through the Metro News Service.

Gil Gross leaves the morning show to host his own show from 9 am to noon.  Irv Homer moves earlier to do the noon to 3 pm show.  Kent Voss moves up to the 5 to 7 pm slot.  Corea and Bray and Martarono all move up an hour.  Earl Bailey joins the morning news.

WPHT moves

Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh join WPHT 1210-AM from 9 am to noon (Laura) and from noon to 3 pm (Rush).  Dom Giordano moves to the 3 to 5 pm slot preceding Michael Smerconish.  As we previously reported Phil Hendrie does the 10 pm to 1 am show.  Still up in the air, sort of, is the 7 to 10 pm slot currently filled with a tape delayed G. Gordon Liddy show.  There are 179 nights with no sports on WPHT.  The Liddy Show is reportedly not amused with losing the mid-morning slot and has been rumored to have "talked" with WWDB.  Rollye James has done some fill in spots for Art Bell in the 1 to 5 am slot.  Look for her to continue that rotation.

January 6th

Reprinted from today's New York Times...

excerpted... To squeeze in those vast numbers of commercials, Cash works on live radio by digitally recording the entire broadcast. It begins by recording the first couple of minutes of live radio -- depending on how many commercials the manager wants to insert -- then replays it, condensing the silent parts throughout the rest of the broadcast. It is used primarily by local radio stations that apply it to syndicated programs.

For example, one day last month, WWDB-FM in Philadelphia, which broadcasts Mr. Limbaugh's national program every day at noon, sought to gain almost three extra commercial minutes in one hour. The engineer inserted a one-minute commercial block at noon, and Cash silently recorded Mr. Limbaugh during that minute. At 12:01 p.m., the program began to play Mr. Limbaugh's now not-exactly-live broadcast; during the next 21 minutes, the digital program eliminated pockets of silence between Mr. Limbaugh's words and also removed what is known as "redundant" data from within words -- for example, shortening a long syllable. The station gradually earned back the one minute lost at the top of the broadcast.

The impact of Cash is minimized by Phil Boyce, the program director of New York's WABC-AM who experimented with Cash on Mr. Limbaugh's show in November -- until Mr. Limbaugh complained about it during a broadcast, a contretemps reported in The New York Post.

Mr. Boyce said that he had not yet decided if he would continue to use Cash. "Yes, you can shoehorn more commercials in," Mr. Boyce said. "But it really wouldn't be noticeable with the naked ear unless some station was using it to its maximum capacity by removing five or six minutes an hour."

But that is already happening. Dennis Begley, the general manager of WWDB-FM, has squeezed as many as six extra commercial minutes from an hour of Mr. Limbaugh's program, prompting complaints from listeners. But, he said, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. "When I first heard about this thing, I knew we had to get it," he said, "because I knew the money-making potential was ridiculous."

But because listeners complained, he said, these days he aims to squeeze no more than four minutes an hour.

Full story from the New York Times (you must register on the opening page first then you are taken to the actual page)

Thanks to D.W. for sending that along.

Hear Rush's reaction -

January 3rd

Dom Giordano starts on WPHT today from 1-5 pm.  His shift will move to 3-5 pm on the 17th to make room for Dr. Laura and Rush Limbaugh who will run from 9-3.  Mike Gallagher temporarily moved earlier into G. Gordon Liddy's spot of 10 am - 1 pm.  Imus will lose the last hour of his show once Dr. Laura comes onboard.

Steve Martarano joins WWDB Tuesday through Saturday mornings 2-5 am.  His shift will expand an hour on the 17th to start at 1 am.  Some may remember Steve's early days in town as Steve Marco.

Jim Templeton from (Philly Report) did another article this past Friday on Rollye James and other assorted talk events.   Hurry the page will expire this coming Friday.

This is from the December 9th edition of the New York Post.  What makes this interesting is the angle of advertisers getting mad at being stuck in long blocks of spot breaks.  While it does not accurately reflect conditions in this town it does back up what I have been hearing from several advertisers that advertise both on local talk stations and music stations.
ALL those extra commercials on the radio may be taking their toll. 
A new report says the average number of people listening to radio has dropped 12 percent in the last decade -- and the pace is picking up speed. 

An unprecedented 3 percent drop in radio listenership was charted in the past year -- the biggest single-year decline ever. 

"I don't think the [radio] industry is going to do anything about this until the advertisers revolt," said report author Jim Duncan of Duncan's American Radio at a PaineWebber Media Conference this week in New York. 

"The problem is that companies are maximizing profits at each station," said Duncan. 

"No one seems to care," he said. "The radio executives seem not to worry about it, except for a few programming types." 

Duncan said even advertisers whose commercials are now running in breaks as long as 10 minutes -- and up to 16 minutes in the top-rated Howard Stern show -- "seem not to complain." 

But The Post found some who did. 

"As an advertiser and a listener, [commercial clutter] has become very self-evident and very distracting," said Mark Lefkowitz of the Furman Roth ad agency. "You can tune in for 10 minutes and hear nothing but commercials on a number of stations in New York." 

"As a listener, the dot-com commercials are driving me crazy," said Bill Frees of Frees Media. "There's so much money coming into the business that stations are taking advantage of it and playing far too many commercials. It's taking a toll on the listeners." 

"It's obvious that there's a lot of clutter and a lot of [commercials], especially this time of year," said Darren Yelin of TD Advertising. 

Another reason people might be deserting radio is that it keeps pumping out the same old same old, Yelin believes. 

"Music programming has become dull and boring and a lot of stations are playing the same music," he said. 

Research guru Jim Duncan, who also complained about "non-innovative" programming in recent years, warned that today's revenue-crazed radio giants are facing imminent threats from satellite radio as well as proposals to allow new low-power FM stations in several cities (though not New York). 

Still, old-fashioned radio is still far from its death throes. 

"No matter what happens, radio and broadcast TV are still the primary media for advertising if you want to hit people, especially in New York," said JL Media's Kenny Konstantin. 

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January 1st, 2000

The Compududes are expected to return to the airwaves soon.