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WNWR's Ed Tornberg passed away on May 23.

Ed Tornberg


Ed Tornberg was the chairman of New World Radio, owner of WNWR 15040-AM in Philly among other stations (WUST 1120-AM in Washington, WBIS 1190-AM in Annapolis, WAGE 1200-AM in Leesburg) that provided multilingual and multicultural programming for ethnic communities.  The cause of his death was pulmonary fibrosis

Edwin Tornberg, 82, owner of a Washington area broadcasting company that provides multilingual programming for ethnic communities in Washington and Philadelphia, died of pulmonary fibrosis (scarring of the lung) May 23 at his home in Potomac.

He bought the 50K watt daytimer, WNWR, around 1995 and converted it to the current format.