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Laura Ingraham

EDIT 6/30/08 - Laura returns to her radio show today. 

6/16/09 - Starting today, June 16th, Laura starts a new show on FOX at 5pm called Just In With Laura Ingraham. For now it's a three week trial.

The slot was formerly held by John Gibson who continues to do his radio show for Fox News Radio. John lost his show back in March. Note to Fox: You fail miserably at promoting the stations your hosts are on via your website.

Laura's show also gives morning anchors Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly a rest from having to do a second show in the afternoon.

Also at least on WNTP they went back to fill in guest hosts instead of running Mike Gallagher twice a day while pretending (with badly run promo liners) that he was filling in for her. If he really was then it was amazing how when his show was run on tape delay he somehow managed to get the exact same guests and callers. He's a wizard!

Laura's website

Youtube clip with Laura saying she'll be back.