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Talk Radio

Larry Mendte writes - We Need Another Talk Radio Station in Philly.  Although he has some of his facts regarding 1210's upcoming lineup for 2011 mixed up he pulls no punches for his now former friend, Michael Smerconish ...


And then there’s The Big Talker, WPHT. A station that showed great promise but seems to be crumbling under the weight of its star’s ego. Michael Smerconish is the king of talk in Philadelphia by default. For the past decade, he was the only game in town. He is smart, talented and used to be conservative. But he lost many of his right-leaning listeners when he endorsed Barack Obama for president; and he lost many of his Philadelphia viewers when he syndicated and started talking about Philly like a place he used to live.

The ratings suffered, Smerconish was dropped from Philadelphia magazine’s “Most Powerful” list, and now WPHT is forced to reshuffle. Smerconish is moving to mid-days. A better spot for syndication and TV appearances on MSNBC. In other words, a better spot for Smerconish. As a trade-off, he has agreed to talk about Philadelphia for one hour a day.

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