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Talk Radio

EDIT:  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE TRYING TO  COMPLAIN ABOUT 1210's lineup changes. go to and bitch there.

1210-AM fully starts its new lineup for the year 2011 today.  Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are no longer on the station replaced with Dom Giordano's local show in the morning and Michael Smerconish's syndicated show in the afternoons.  Gary R'nel takes Dom's spot in the evening.

Monday through Friday     
5:40-9 AM     Chris Stigall Show     
9-12 PM         Dom Giordano Show     
12-3 PM         Rush Limbaugh Show     
3-7 PM         Michael Smerconish Show     
7-10 PM         Gary R’nel Show     
10-12 Mid.     Various Hosts (including Rick Grimaldi and Buzz Bissinger)
12-5:30 AM     Coast to Coast

Dom will be starting off in typical Dom fashion.  His first guest will be Rick Santelii of the famous CNC economic rant fame and audio from his tour of Northeast Philly.