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Talk Radio

Gary R'nel WPHT 1210-AM has moved Gary R'nel from afternoons with Dick Morris to evenings at 6 to 9pm.

Link to Gary's page on station site (page removed)

Update as of 2016: WPHT had used several fill in hosts during the past year for this time slot then as of March 2016 Moved Sean Hannity's delayed replay from 9pm to 6pm.

Archived bio info from the website: Gary R’nel adroitly refers to his show as an anomaly in talk radio. He is a Center/Right guy who does not come to the microphone with an umbilical cord nor an appendage attached to the RNC. Gary states: “This show is not a propaganda machine. I’m extremely proud of my conservative heritage but still willing to discuss the issues and then pontificate on why my opinion is the right one challenging the listener to prove me wrong.” Talk Radio at its best.

We wish Gary all the best in whatever he's doing now.