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Talk Radio

Tuesday, January 3rd

WYSP fills in the exiting Howard Stern time slot with the company syndicated show of David Lee Roth, former front man for Van Halen.

Starting today WPHT changes it's lineup.  6am to 6pm remains unchanged.
Susanne LaFrankie (Mon-Thurs: 6 - 7PM)
Sid Mark's Friday's with Frank (Fri: 6 - 7PM)
Jay Severin (7 - 10PM)
Dom Giordano (10PM - 12AM)
Bill O'Reilly (12AM - 2AM)
Coast to Coast AM (2 -5AM)

Out for now is Rollye James.  WPHT was her "flagship" station but she is still on the Net, other stations and XM.  1210 will carry one of her weekend repeat shows, mornings from 3 to 5.