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Philly Talk Radio Audio Vault

Archived audio for Philadelphia Talk Radio.  Here you will find clips in Real Audio, MP3 and wav format from various talk radio shows and related topics or events.
If you have any old tape or files you would like to share please use the contact page.

Dean goes nutso after not winning in Iowa  First posted on DrudgeReport -  (MP3 - 103 K)

Some old WCAU jingles are here
Use the listen link.  Has about 6 minutes of stuff.
Thanks to LaMichael Mitchell for passing that along.

Philly Talk
Our own audio

Rush Limbaugh - 3.1 megs MP3 - "I get by with a little help from my friends"

Only One Hour A Day - Jeff Katz - Original Song

Fired from your Shock Jock Gig?
Put on a Happy Face!

It's all about ME (Don't you get it?) - It's MY show

Reality Radio Part One - Hidden mic in Smerconish's car

Our Answer to the famous "Pump" infomercial.
Yes, the infamous "Pump" infomercial, long a standard on the former talker, WWDB.  Ridiculed and wildly profitable at the same time, this product promised results seemingly too good to be true ... a larger "Goldmember" for those trusting enough to fork over the purchase price.  Size does matter.  This product is still around today in many new versions.  This parody pokes fun not only at the product but at the advertising culture that accepts a product with such outrageous claims as the standard for infomercials.
The Weenie Whacker Radio Spot (Streaming Audio)
Steve Bryant (Real Audio 1:58)
Download the Real Media file here, 474K

The Hummin Harry CD Radio Spot - So real you'll buy it.

The Ballad of Philly Talk - "One Talk Radio Station"
An original song with voice and music by
Steve Bryant - (Real Audio 3:27)
A humorous look at asking why Philly only has one talk station.
The commentary about this is here

To download the Real Media file right click on the link below and select "save as"
The Ballad of Philly Talk - "One Talk Station" 

Original material copyright © Philly Talk and respective authors



Those looking for the "Taliban Bodies" mpeg - "Let the bodies hit the floor" - should try 

MP3 and others

  • Funny MP3 based on the Daaaaaahyo song.  "Air Force come and they flatten your home..." Download it from this site (right click, select "save target as")

  • Funny as heck - The Man Song (Windows Media Player format)

  • archive/audio/MORAN_~1.mp3 - Firefighter Mike Moran's comments following September 11, includes the famous, "You can kiss my royal Irish ass."

Midi Files


Art Bell
  • Art Bell bans "The Amazing Kreskin" (Real Audio 15:37)
    (Thanks to John D. for the audio) - Events surrounding May / June, 2002

    Recently "Kreskin" "predicted" the Largest UFO sighting in a century ... he repeated this on the Art Bell show and backed it up with a $50,000 donation to charity if he was wrong.  He narrowed it down to Thursday 6/6.  That evening nothing happened and he subsequently went into damage control mode.  This audio is of Art and "The less than amazing" Kreskin mixing it up.  Kreskin sounds every bit the fool.  Turns out it was all deception and Art bans him from the show.

Susan Bray


John Brown


John DeBella


Dom Giordano

 "Dom, Dom the Demagogue" Rap 10/99



Paul W. Smith

  • See "John Brown"

Phil Valentine, WLAC, Nashville - Phil is the former morning show host on WWDB for 15 months ending January 1998. All material copyrighted, used with permission.  Check out the Phil Valentine Archive Page.

WPHT 1210 AM

WIP 610 AM

WWDB 96.5 - pre November 2000


Rush Limbaugh


Video Clips - Ron's site dedicated to the glory days of WFIL 560 AM