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Caller Etiquette for Philly Talk Radio

Philly Talk Radio Caller Etiquette Survey

caller etiquette - how to call a station

Contents:  "Do" suggestions | "Don'ts" | Your thoughts | Memorable callers | Host suggestions

Tips for all callers as submitted by you, the fellow listeners.

You've all heard them. Callers that drone on for 10 minutes and then say, "But that's not what I called about."
Or the caller that has to put in the line, "First time in a long time." Here's you chance to vent about your pet peeve.
Read what was sent so far then use the contact page to contribute your own suggestions or thoughts.

DO" Suggestions:

  • Do be a caller who has a definite opinion of the topic.  Your opinion should be within consideration of other circumstances as you listen 
  • Do Turn your radio down !!
  • Try to lose the bad Jersey accent (opposing viewpoint listed below in "thoughts")
  • Get right to your point and be prepared to defend it 
  • Be interesting
  • Do actually LISTEN to what the host just said
  • Do have a pulse
  • Do have a bit of spunk
  • Do have an opinion
  • Do speak clearly
  • Do find a cell that works
  • Do Get to the point quickly. If it will help prevent you from freezing up or rambling, make notes while you're on hold.
  • Do go with the flow of the show.
  • Dump superfluous details
  • Confront the host, but be prepared with facts.
  • Do check the battery in your cell phone before calling - if there only one light left on the tree, for God's sake don't call.

"DON'T" Suggestions:

  • Don't ask, "Am I on the air?" If you hear the host say your name you're on the air. (Chris)
  • Don't scream at your mom... "SHUT up I am on the air mom". This sounds bad, and its even worse when you are a grown man or women. (Chris)
  • DO NOT *EVER* again say, "It all comes down to personal responsibility."
  • Don't say "Are you still there?" Unless you hear a dial tone, the host did not hang up on you.
  • Don't count ceiling tiles while the host is talking, it might help you have a slight clue what to voice when responding!
  • Don't threaten the host: It's called jailing for threatening a celebrity.
  • The first thing you say should not be "Hello Earthling."
  • Don't get into such a heated argument that you skid off the road, the cemeteries are full right now.
  • Don't say, "I've been on hold for an hour."  WE - DON'T - CARE
  • Don't drink before calling or during a call.
  • The screener should tell the caller to resist thanking the host for taking the call.  The screener should warn the caller that if they DO say "Thank you for taking my call" , they will be tracked down and maimed.  The technology exists.
  • Don't ask.."Howyadoin'?"
  • Don't say.."long time.....first...."
  • Don't say.."the last caller stole my thunder"
  • Don't say.."love your show"
  • Don't say.."I was just listening"
  • Don't SOUND like your ready for the home
  • Don't call every couple of days
  • Don't have the windows open when on a cell phone
  • Don't repeat your only thought over and over
  • Don't mention that you the caller met the host somewhere.
  • Don't say "First-time caller, long time listener."  I'll personally put a curse on the next caller who says this.
  • Don't ask the host if he/she remembers meeting you eight months ago at a remote. The host will always say yes, even if they don't. It's a waste of time.
  • Don't get sidetracked.
  • Don't argue a minor point raised by a previous caller from an hour ago.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously, the host is the star, laugh at his/her jokes, be respectful.
  • Don't say I didn't expect to get on so fast.
  • Don't complain about there not being a toll-free Delaware line just for you and your cousin in Dover.
  • Don't try to use a discussion of the capital gains tax to make your point about abortion.

More of your thoughts...

  • Don't Gripe, bitch, moan, and complain that a major city like Philly has how many talk stations? My case, Philly used to be The Evening Bulletin and The Inquirer now what do you have?
  • Lose the bad Fulufya accent!
  • 2 minutes is 2 minutes
  • Don't lose the Jersey accent- it has personality!
  • No more Howard! I think enough hosts have courted (quite patiently too, I might add) his insane desire to be on the radio. I swear, if they don't get rid of him now, I think we should begin to petition the advertisers. How about ""?
  • In the Don'ts it says Do Not Call every couple of days.  Then below it says, Do call every couple of days,  Which is it?
  • Do call every couple of days. The family atmosphere raised is good. You have your standard flock of callers who you know and love. .... That's why Rollye drew so many people. It was like a club, and anyone was invited, and they could keep coming back.
  • And for God's sake, it's 2000 (or 20120, 2012, whatever) now, don't we all know to turn down the damn radio, and listen on the phone?
  • Jean from Gladwynne needs to get over herself - BIG TIME!!!
  • "Jean" needs to stop saying "Thank you Rollye" every time she calls. I mean....really. C'mon... She acts like Rollye's handing her the mike for her 30-minute bitch session.

And what about the hosts and stations?

  • If there is 10 minutes left in the hour STOP pimping out the phone numbers and get to the people on hold.
  • Don't tell us how busy the lines are then remind us when a line becomes open. If it's that busy you don't have time to boast about it. Get To The Calls.
  • Reset the topic ONCE and BRIEFLY after the break then get to the calls.
  • DO be a host who interacts if all the "DO LIST" is  followed by the caller.
  • I think that hosts need to mix up who they put on the air. While some may enjoy regular callers, others do not. When you have the same people calling day after day, night after night... it gets old, fast. After a while, it gets to the point that when a Howard or Jean calls in -- I turn my radio off for the next five minutes and PRAY they aren't still on there when I turn it back on! (OK I'll step down from my soapbox now...needs repainting anyways)
  • Any ad spot with Flo from the car insurance company singing drives away listeners. I personally will change stations every time she breaks into a tune.