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Things I learned

Things I learned while listening to Talk Radio


Here is a list of things I've learned about while listening to talk radio over the years.  I first wrote about this in college and then briefly in the late 1990s.  Written in no particular order and attributed to the specific host where possible.  Note that each issue may not be original each host but may only have been popularized by that host or often repeated as a core belief.  There is an old archived forum thread here for more.

Irv Homer - Follow the money.
Possibly not original to him but an ongoing theme of his shows over the years.  Simply put you can trace the real motivation behind what is going on by following the money back to its source.  For example recently one cable network owned by GE "went green" all week.  If you follow the money you find out that GE has a HUGE stake in pushing the global warming agenda.

Rollye James - Republocrats and Demopublicans
Brilliant.  Probably original to her.  Used all over the place now but I first heard her say it.  Accurately describes the lack of distinction between Democrats and Republicans.

Dom Giordano - It's not a tragedy, It's and equation.
Original to Dom.  Briefly put ... Sometimes bad things are so easy to see coming that tragedy doesn't accurately describe the event.  Like take a rich spoiled brat, add no parental supervision and a house that looks like a CVS drugstore and when the brat gets all hyped up on drugs and pulls a gun, gets arrested and thrown in jail .. It's not a tragedy - It's an equation!  Simple Math!
Bees + fire =  ... wait, that's for another thread.

Dom Giordano - Conspiracy is better than sex.
In a frustrated response to some callers that won't listen to reason Dom has commented that, "Conspiracy is better than sex ... for some people, not for me."

Michael Savage - Liberalism is a mental disorder.
He qualifies that somewhat with tags like modern and extreme to clarify the point.  He goes on to admit that traditional idealistic liberalism is a good balance and how he admires a fierce liberal speaking out for free speech and civil liberties, it's just that old time liberals have morphed into something very different today.  As an example he points out how terrorists are represented, for free, by liberal Jewish lawyers from the ACLU.  Think about it.  Why would a Jewish lawyer want to represent somebody who's stated mission in life is to wipe out Israel and kill off every last Jew on the planet?  Must be crazy to do that!

Bill Bennett - "Leisure is not the goal.  The purpose of leisure is to prepare yourself to do good work."
(Former Secretary of Education and current talk host on Salem Network)
While referring to some of today's younger generation who seem more interested in taking it easy instead of working hard he uses this age old axiom to remind us of the purpose of leisure.
Dr. James Corea - Tough times don't last tough people do.
Popular health and fitness host always closed his show with that.

Dennis Miller, comedian and talk host - "The 24 TV news cycle is pixelated Schadenfreude."
Mentioned during a conversation about how every event, even minor ones, get beat to death on cable tv news.

Bill Bennett - One good thing about the people of America is that they can forget things and move one.  One bad thing about the people of America is that they do forget things and move on.
Meaning that we can get past tragedy but too often fail to remember the lessons learned.

Glenn Beck - The people that run this country are on the train to Crazytown.
Spoken in reference to the loons in congress that are making a mess of things and have an approval rating in the single digits.

Dennis Prager - Seeking clarity over consensus.
Mr. Prager wants to first define the issue at hand in clear terms so there can be a meaningful debate.  That is more important than seeking initial agreement.

Dennis Prager - Men and Women are just different, not unequal. The Left believes that "different" = unequal and all therefore all differences and distinctions must be eliminated.

Jerry Doyle - Congress is Hollywood for ugly people.
No explanation needed but in case anybody in congress or a staffer happens to read this let me explain.  You, or your boss, is ugly.  Perhaps not in the literal sense but more often than not theically and finacially ugly.  They feed on the attention they get, just like a movie star but they could never actually BE a movie star so they satisfy their glutonous ego in Congress.

Ronald Reagan - It's an iron law of physics that the bigger a government is the less free you are.